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Congresswoman carolyn maloney joined with women's rights advocates in lower manhattan today or juliet papa tells us what it was all about wangui actress and metoo activists eliza milano leading the chant is advocates for the equal rights amendment stood alongside the fearless girl statue coalition cochaired carris roebling romance says we like to call ourselves a lean mean gender justice machine and this is our number one gender justice issue congresswoman carolyn maloney will once again seek to bring this to capitol hill should be better protections in our constitution not left up to the whims when she hopes the metoo movement is the wind in the er raise sales julia papa ten ten wins news ten women were issued driver's licenses today in saudi arabia the move comes as the country prepares to lift the world's only ban on female drivers on june twentyfourth it also comes number of women who had campaigned for that right are under arrest accused of conspiring to undermine the security of the kingdom wins news time three forty nine a new lawn oklahoma has landed that state on california's travel ban list the law signed by oklahoma governor mary fallon allows adoption agencies to refuse to place children for adoption or in foster care based on religious or moral convictions which will affect gay couples looking to become parents since two thousand seventeen california has prohibited state sponsor travel to nine states now because of what it considers laws that discriminate against the lgbtq community say republicans want the ag to define specifically if that also means travel by college sports teams the ban goes into effect later this month jim roope los angeles the other eight states are alabama kansas kentucky mississippi north carolina south dakota tennessee and texas wins news time three fifty they're getting ready for a busy and possibly historic weekend out at belmont park there have only been twelve triple crown winners in horse racing history justify the chance to become the thirteen new york racing associations kris k on build a giant new silver triple crown trophy that'll be shared between the three racetracks a smaller replica will be given to the next triple crown winner it's about two feet tall which is still three times bigger than the last triple crown trophy officials are urging anyone coming to take mass transit l a double our president filleting says they can handle it scheduled twentyone extra trains to belmont park for belmont stakes day and after the.

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