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From the It's the the the net. What is what is called again? The net assessment the office of net assessment. You've I've heard of this the office of Neta Cessna it's It's a Pentagon thing. Wait until you learn about what this this fantastic Senator Chuck Grassley Grassley has expanded his investigation into the Department of Defense's office of net assessment. The office was supposed to be a unique futuristic. Think tank reporting directly to to the Secretary of defense but Grassley in his January twenty. Second Letter noted the office may have become a part of the deep state the asks if the office awarded Contracts Stephon Helper who hired the Russian intelligence officer who contributed to the now discredited trump dossier to dig into this obscure office whistle blower Adam Levinger in his exclusive interview talks to us about how it has become a slush fund for Washington's politically connected. There was some very deliberate deliberate thinking that went into the placement of the office that this had to be. The Secretary of defense is think tank to advise him on a difficult. Strategic Challenges callenges the often at assessment produced note and assessments to inform our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has produced no net assessment on Iran for example and so truly when you look at the range of threats to the United States the office is actually avoided all those and what what Senator Grassley has revealed in his letter. Is it's really a two part problem. One is at the office. Derelict in its duty. Its primary duty to produce these high level strategies known as net assessments. And secondly what has it become it's become is a slush fund for politically connected contractors the contracting system and the opposite is utterly broke the contractors chosen or not chosen for their ability to contribute to net assessments which is really the reason why they should be chosen chosen because they're the friends of the leadership in that assessment the office. Unfortunately I mean the leadership wasn't placed put in place by President Obama Leans leftward. It's an office that historically downplayed the strategic threats posed to the United States sirs. So so we've got the National Security Council filled with people who hate trump Tom. We've got the The Pentagon with paying and this was it the professor who was part of the whole sting operation. And just make it crazy. I don't know. Do you WanNa play one of your left Parnasse clips you had an ABC thing and then we can almost be done here. Let's play the left harnessed guy I want to mention this year. They they They make a big. They tried to dramatize effect that trump's I never met donahue. This guy is as if everybody that ever has a picture taken with trump. I could have had a picture taken with trump and trump could honestly honestly say because you you can get a picture taken with trump if you're in the right circumstance and you'll take your picture and Neil you get a picture doesn't mean he knows you or ever be the you know the the problem is they're spinning it because now there's this video where you actually hear Parnasse say something and respond right right but I mean so they're spending. I know what they're doing but I don't think they're even spinning. I think they're dramatizing it. That's a better way. So let's start with impeach. ABC goes after trump. Outlive outlives a brand new phase of the president's impeachment trial underway in Washington and tonight new developments in a story. ABC News was first to report tonight audio and now video video. President trump at a small gathering with Rudy Giuliani. Associate left part. is you see him here. And others recently indicted for campaign. Finance fraud is someone. The President President has repeatedly denied knowing on the recording of voice sounding like the president's orders removal of Ukraine ambassador. Maria you'll Banovic same. Take her out sources familiar with the recording. Say It's from a trump hotel private dinner in the spring of twenty eighteen. ABC's David Right at the White House tonight. Starting US off president. Thank you for being here. April two thousand eighteen. President Trump arrives at a private dinner at the trump international hotel. Don Jr. is there a show is indicted rudy. Giuliani associate lead Parnasse. And there's the place set for the president on the tape of voice identified as has parnasse can be heard telling trump that the ambassador to Ukraine was bad mouthing. Had she's basically walk around telling everybody wait. He's GonNa get impeached just this way out to take her out to would. President trump has repeatedly said. He doesn't know Parnasse. I am too but on the tape. They talk in detail about Ukraine Russian without without relying on lead partners to get rid of your ambassador but I have a lot of people speaking to Fox News. The president did not question the authenticity of the tape to get rid of her. The State Department. I wouldn't have been saying that I probably would have said it was rudy. There are somebody but I make no bones about it. I WANNA have ambassadors. I have every right. I want ambassadors ambassadors. That are chosen by me. I have a right to hire and fire. Ambassadors the recall of Ambassador Maria vich features prominently in the Democrats case this against the president. Yeah what's funny about this any if you look it up on even snow pts has this. Is that trump. Fired heard all the ambassadors when he first got into office they didn't know leave but yes she didn't leave. Jesse refused to go upstairs day in here and so nobody ever even brings that up. I mean it wasn't as though you know you're right because the dramatization is perfect. We have the president saying well. I don't I don't think I've ever. I spoke to him and clearly damning evidence at a a meet up. MEET UP I don't want to degrade our meet up because our meet ups really fantastic fantastic but you will remember won't remember everybody's name no play trump. This is part two of that clip or David Right joins us now live from the White House David. There's no evidence of anything illegal on this tape. which was recorded on the phone by another EDYTA GIULIANI associate? Both men have pleaded not guilty fifty two charges but David Democrats believe this bolsters their case they do tom for two reasons first. It shows that despite his efforts to distance himself the President President had firsthand knowledge of at least some of the work being done in Ukraine by Giuliani and his associates. Also it's suggests there may well be other material out there that we haven't seen yet relevant to the impeachment. Yes there's all kinds of material that may be out there. They use indicted dated this guy. Oh yeah the indicted. What what does that become something? That's that's kosher. Well how about just saying the not yet indicted John Doran. I mean that's perfectly you say that the not yet indicted Adam Curry. You must've said about everybody. Well I'm going to just as bad it's really a bad. It's bad form. I am the not get indicted. Adam Curry I just WANNA make sure everybody knows not yet so left. Parnassus is of course the character. That is very interesting keeper I think nails it by saying Oh is the new of Nadi I think she's right although this one belongs more to MSNBC then to also was a superstar hero. He's going to run for president. And you know this guy starts off indicted quite ebonite but check this out. George Webb investigative journalist George Webb. WHO does fantastic work? I always went. How the guy makes his money all he travels all over these all over the US mainly but he's an international? He does forty five minutes of video a day. It's impossible to keep up with him but he's down in Florida or at least he was on the twenty second when he shot this pulled the clip. And he's right across from the afghan-pakistani Costano Center of excellence which is right by the base there and of course it's a it's a spook training operation and he has some interesting connections to that and others and left part US thing here very close To try to get as much information as we can especially about this center that was established called the Afghan Pakistan Center of. Excellence the half pack center of Excellence or COE. and that's going to become come very important in Centcom recruiting a private set of DIA informants. That are used and were used politically. The and it has been used politically at least since two thousand twelve the AFC pack. Coe was established in two thousand nine one of the key directors was a guy named Derek carvey and he is the handler and recruiter of left. Parnasse.

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