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One point said he wanted somebody from an ivy league law school she is not that notre dame's nutjob liver yeah actually only one is an ivy and that's this guy cavanaugh cavanaugh cavanaugh yeah he's from he's a yearly president trump will not be apparently sitting down for an interview with special counsel robert muller rudy giuliani the president's telling abc's this week muller has not provided a good enough reason for a sit down we've been through everything on collusion and obstruction we can't find an incriminating anything and we need a basis for this investigation yeah yeah they do he sounds remarkably lucid i defied someday just so we could play that sound bite back in six bucks there's nothing there wishful thinking len wishful thinking i thought giuliani santa very forceful it had sounded good they're pretty confident he also says says giuliani he's not concerned about michael cohen possibly cooperating with federal prosecutors he's saying essentially that cohen's got nothing on president trump's that they're not worried about it now let's go to wall street and boy the dow's off to the races it's opening up one twenty seven twenty four thousand five hundred five the nasdaq way up it's up forty four and the s and p is opening up a dozen points what happens to the trade war that was going to screw everything up economically doesn't seem to be affecting anything not in the market anyway now once again trump wins rescue operations have resumed today and or even today in thailand were four boys and their soccer coach remained trapped in a flooded cave so eight boys have already been pulled the safety oxygen remains a big concern along with the rain which continues to fall which continues to flood the cave harvey weinstein will be back in court today arraigned on charges that he sexually assaulted a third woman an indictment alleges that he performed a forcible sex act on the woman back in two thousand six he's charged with two counts of predatory sexual assault which could send him to prison pretty horrific sex act we talked about it on the show last week terrible thing you did to that woman did woman harvey who she is she hasn't been identified but the post pretty good sources saying it was a woman who was a production assistant right and the story goes that harvey summoned her to his apartment then in soho for a production meeting and forced her on the bed of one of his children and says rail tutor yeah that's right all right is there a mutiny within the miss america organization chairwoman gretchen carlson recently lounge announce a major changes that include getting rid of the swimsuit competition the never i mean i didn't read that the way i should have i said getting rid of the swimsuit competition what i meant to say is that include getting rid of the swimsuit competition but the president city says representatives from twenty two state pageants have signed a petition calling for the resignation of carlson and ceo regina hopper the petition says those officials expressed vote of no confidence in the leadership so they want this is this all over that issue yes one issue why would anyone tune in if it were not for the not to hear their thoughts on world peace not to watch them and listen to them play the violin at the time or the cello if you're going to play the cello i want her and her swimsuit remember when they're talent was twirling batons swimsuit you got it it's a beauty patch it is sorry thank you jeff appreciate it and we got back weekend at bernie's that poisoning mystery deepens in britain because the woman be dead weird while my goodness but i birdied fighter has dropped michael it's been a challenge this morning on the southbound fdr drive a couple of problems they're both of them now cleared away bud very slow from the rfk try bro down to sixty third street still slow both ways on the cross island northbound heavy by linden boulevard and southbound into bell boulevard if you're traveling on the bruckner on the eastbound side a crash by the sheridan expressway in the process of being cleared away george washington bridge looking really good now five minutes or less from all the approaches there is construction though setup up on upper level on the right side of the roadway lincoln's fifteen in downtown so's the hall and this red sponsored by timeshare exit team is your timeshare just not getting the hints tries you might there's just no way to dump it well lucky for you timeshare exit team specializes in breaking up a timeshares that no longer fits your lifestyle visit timeshare exit team.

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