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Bravery and service, valor. Second quarter raise the roof recipient. Retired Marine Corps sergeant Jaren name largest in honor of our nation's fallen heroes commemorated on Memorial Day. We'll be installing Jared's new valor roof in the month of may. Enjoy your much deserve new roof. Sergeant when hiring a company to replace your roof mixture, choose one that believes in more than simply doing a job to make a profit Valla roofing, cares for veterans and their families by every means within our power this week, you choose Valla roofing shingles, Leveque side of yours completely free when you buy them for the front, plus a free upgrade to HD architectural scenes, get your new Valla roof now and save big call for your free estimate today. Eight three three eighty three valor Envisat valor, steers dot com. Again, that's eight hundred three eighty three valor or visit valor exteriors dot com. The corner stable restaurants have new spring specials. Try one of their great new special menu items are cocktails today and for Father's Day weekend, make reservations today and treat that to the area's best ribs and crabcakes having a party for your graduate corner, stable offers both full service and drop off catering for your graduation party. Don't forget, corner stable gift cards are available in any denomination, and they never expire corner, stable gift cards, make great gifts for dads and grads, that's corner, stable dot com quarter stable dot com. Hi, I'm Chris survey. President Chris lock dot com. I see a lot of ads for my competition, claiming they're the best anyone can claim. They're the best. We want to show you at Chris LOC dot com built the state of the art room and they were so you can see working systems. I invite you to visit cress-like dot com Schumer met one zero zero one five Plaski highway. So you can decide why Chris flocked dot com is the best company to handle all your security, and locksmith needs. Give us a call at four ten to five six seven eight zero zero that's four ten to five six seven eight zero zero. Hi, Sean Casey for the hearing assessment center, I want to talk about the importance of having a comprehensive hearing examination as discussed in our Baltimore. Here's you segments. Dr Sirnak recommends having an initial exam starting at the age of fifty you should have your hearing checked as often as you have a physical and on their recommendation. I visited the Louisville office to have my own hearing evaluated. I was very impressed with their staff from the initial phone call with barb the follow up letter from Dr Cernik after my extensive evaluation. I was provided with detailed yet. Understandable description of my auditory system. You know, when I think of hearing loss, I think of.

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