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No end number four train service from Marshall Parkway to Woodlawn due to a Signal problem. Two teenagers were shot and killed in separate incidents in the Bronx yesterday. The NYPD says it suspects gang related gunfire hit a 13 year old boy outside a restaurant on East 187th Street in the Belmont section around three in the afternoon. And late last night, someone shot and killed a 16 year old boy outside Richmond Park in the Tree Mod section of the Bronx as well. We're getting word now that Democratic Mayor elect uh the nominee, Eric Adams is heading to the White House to talk to the Biden administration about guns more to come on that story. New York City police interventions for emotionally distressed Children are rising. That's according to a new report from advocates for Children of New York police officers will intervene when called by either a teacher or principal. To remove a student from class and then have them transported to a hospital for psychological evaluation. The report found that in one out of 10 times as student is either handcuffed with metal or Velcro, don yester was one of the lead authors of the report. She says schools need access to more social workers and training for these situations. Not law enforcement. This involves students who need social, emotional, mental health support and not a police response. A total disconnect and misalignment of resources. Yes, it's organization is pushing for more than 2200 social workers throughout the public school system. Oh, it's formally known as the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. But many locals know it as Z Leo Feast, and it's taking place in Williamsburg all week long. The festival is centered around the Z Leo 65 ft tall tower that is taught with his statue of ST Linus of Nola. The tower weighs thousands of pounds and more than 100. Men lifted and dance several times throughout the day celebrations both religious and secular, taking place each night through July. 18th. The Z Leo will be lifted again on Wednesday. That's on Wednesday, July 14th at.

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