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DJ tater tonight. He's cracked into the old vault. Bozo used to play red Simpson deadly them old tiny well, they used to call it trucking country songs were all about being a truck driver. Those two guys were the probably the number one on TV practitioners of what they used to go. Truckin countries. Red Simpson right there. Dave Dudley coming up. But right now, we want to kind of double back eh because we hit him with a bunch. We hit him with a bunch right there at going into the bottom of the hour news. And yes, we will save till the top of the hour. When we do the new the featured product of the hour. Your two new Diesel Motor oils that you're introducing tonight. So the Wilbert deeper into that here in about fifteen minutes yourself, but. Let's see. Let's talk about the gift cards because it is something that we have been pushing and pushed hard going into the Father's Day weekend. And there was some questions as to how it actually worked even as it got into the Father's Day weekend out of that has been cleared up smoothed out. Yeah, they're delivered by Email only they contain instructions on how to. At the checkout. There are no processing fees or anything added on no sneaky, little dollar have stuck on or something like that. And there's nothing nothing like that. They are. Into regular denominations of ten twenty five fifty or one hundred dollar. Now you can do as many of those you want, you can do two or three or you can double them up. You can do you can get whatever arrangement you'd like. But. All explained in detail on, on the website, motor K, OT dot com. Take it off and their big hit. So. We try to refine it and get a little bit easier to understand. And it will take you through it and, and, and get you. Fixed up for your whatever denomination gift card. You would like you download that and print it out, and that is your card. Now you can download it. And you could you could resend it was burning it out to you could send it somebody without putting it so but you send or the the gift card out and that becomes.

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