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The goal here with Gallo was to lengthen the lineup and diversify the lineup. Left handed bat, he gives tough at bats and he's able to give protection to other guys in the lineup. Perhaps, I mean, it not perhaps. It is certainly paved the way for John Carlos Stanton Luke Voight and Aaron judge to be on the hot treats that they are on right now. And we're thankful for that. But a lot of fans have been sitting here saying, oh, dude, when Joey Gallo heats up, forget about it. Forget about it. This team's gonna be unstoppable. But we have no evidence of him heating up. So Anthony Rizzo heated up right upon his arrival in The Bronx. Made his statement. Singlehandedly, I will go out and say single handedly won that series against one that series sweep against the Marlins. Was it colossal reason for that? That kick started the Yankees incredible run throughout the month of August. But Joey Gallo has yet to really come on. I know we have that go ahead home run against the Mariners. That was an awesome moment to signature Yankee moments since coming over on the trade. But since then, he's grounded into three double plays. In four games, he didn't three double plays before, so it was Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Over the course of those four games, he grounded into three double plays. He grounded into three double plays in his previous 95 games with the rangers. What how does this how does this even happen? Before that, he grounded into 8 double plays in his previous 346 games. So bad luck, sure, but like, what? When is this gonna stop? So my question is and my doomsday question because I love asking these because I like seeing people freak out. This is just how my brain operates guys. When do we start worrying about this

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