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About you. Know a friend of mine who will go unnamed. Protect me last night and she was like. I'm not voting in the New York crying. She was like. I don't want to vote for Joe Biden anymore that I have to and I was like and I respect that completely because also if Bernie's out like what is there to vote on the primary we already picked the guy but she was like I'll vote in the general voter Biden. Hold my nose but like to ask me to do it in. The primary is simply a bridge too far. Yeah and I do think as we get into just a little politics. I think what would help. That is his choice of a VP. I think is really going to be important and trip. Fangs it will be yes And I'm also curious to see how much the Bernie supporters will get on the Biden train and help. They never did the Hillary and so if they I. I'm hoping that You know you just need to show a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg go there you go. There's your vote right. I mean her Briars pretty old to route just because she's frail and she says she's very old but like the Orion spring chicken yes and you know the the youngest conservative on the benches Clarence Thomas but he yeah exactly so we want to do that But Yeah I wonder how many people showed up and help. I also wonder I think Biden runs a better campaign than Hillary but I don't know and I don't know what our campaign is GonNa look like. I don't know if you guys have heard this down in Dallas but in New York. They're talking about like this is not going to be the.

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