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You know, I like to make that distinction. Yes. It might it might even be the best me as key movie, but it is a little bit hard mode. It's if you're if you're just getting started with kids, don't go for this one. I I would go for Totoro totara upon you or. What's the other one? I'm thinking of oh, or you know, I mean, Kiki's KiKi might be my favorite keeps. Delivery service might be my favorite. We've talked about it on the comparable. But I would say Toda row is an easier sell. But like when you're ready for difficult mode. Like this one Naza. I mean, he's got some cr-. Another great weird one. If you like the weird ones, I would say how's moving castle. But this one is probably the best one imperiously Housman castles, very weird. That is weird one. I think you're right. Your kids liked it. They loved it. And you know, my I watched it with my almost eight year old daughter, and my eleven almost twelve year old, son. I was expecting a little girl to maybe there would be some parts that were a little scary. And she did say there were a couple of parts that were scary. But there was nothing that that. Traumatized her. You know what? I mean. There was nothing that really upset her anything. It was more. Like, ooh, it wasn't scary. Like hiding your eyes. So really, there's a lot of creepy. I don't want to spoil any single frame of this movie. Don't watch it. I maybe on your own, and I'm not trying to talk people out of it. It's just that. You will if you are an American kid there will be things in this. You have not seen before. Yes. That do not have an explanation that apparent can give to you. Right. Like in the in the second and third act. There's a very large shape that does things that are kind of upsetting will be hard to just say, oh, here's what that is. He's just goofy ghost. You'll be like. Wow. But then he what coins? Like, what's happening? I think in Japan, those things are just part of their culture. And in a way that they those things make sense to them in a in an inherent way posse. I don't know every episode of the incomparable I've been on where we talked about a me as lucky movie there's a couple. Things that happen. I mean, the second thing that happens is I end up asking a question like was was the cat really talking to KiKi and people like unroll there is. But the first part of that is I think there are no, in fact for keys delivery service in particular. I think Jason Snell said this like so many as lucky movies. There's not a villain. There's not like the bad person. Right. Who's irrigate is like no in in KiKi. Pretty sure there's this Nell..

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