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Gary. And you study suggests gravitational wave signals could contain signatures of extremely low mess particles that might be a competitive dang matter. The hypothesis is published on the pre press physics website, archived dot org dot matter is a mysterious invisible substance, which makes it a bet. Seventy five percent of all the matter in the universe. Just a quarter of what we see. He's mad up of normal. Barry, onic matter the stuff that makes stars and planets and houses and dogs cats and people even though we can't see we know that matters real big as we can see its gravitational influence on normal matter, Brian now, the best fit for what matter is is some kind of new exotic subatomic particle done Mattis searches mostly hunt for repeatedly massive particles. However, some theories predict the existence of extremely lightweight. Particles could explained matter particles, not occur in the standard model. Particle physics one candidate? Eight is the hypothetical faster than light pilot will call the axiom if they exist these very light mess. Paddock wouldn't show up in paddock. Oh, collider experiments or in dark matter searches you calculation suggests that axioms, maybe ultralight Bozon's, and they could be detectable in gravitational wave signals from Jim black holes. In fact, clouds of these ultralight paddock was could be created by fast spinning black holes. And when two black holes colliding merge, the cloud would undergo a rapid collapse, and that would affect the harmonic of the gravitational wave signal from the black hole merger faithful gravitational waves could thus provide a novel new way of detecting particles inaccessible through ordinary experiments something new for the physicists like to start looking for. I'm Stewart, Gary, you're listening to space-time. This is Andrew Dunkley host of the podcast space nuts, along with my good friend. Dr Fred Watson, astronomer lodge. We provide a podcast every week looking at some of the things happening in the astronaut Michael world and to a certain degree. That's what's inspired my next vinca when I'm not working on radio doing the podcast of working for the Salvation Army, which is actually my fulltime job. I liked to rot racing wrote an audio book which turned into a paperback and enabled called all. I see is mud a World War One story about my grandfather. I also write a sports college book to help golfers who get angry on the golf course called five lines. Don't float, but if a tongue in cheek book that had a lot of fun with it, but my newest book is science fiction. This is a story called parallel. It's available as a pipe of back, and you can download the book through Amazon and other able distributors. And it's a story about a man who gets thrust back to his birth. But the interesting twist he is that he retains all his life's knowledge. So he knows what's going to happen for the next fifty years. But the twist in the tale is that he's not the only one and this strange corporation peas in his new life called parallel, and they want what he knows. So download it as an e book or you can buy it online at all the major online bookstores or in a real bookstore. It's available as a paperback. I do hope you enjoy parallel and you'll find links to all my books. Andrew Dunkley dot com and Tom to take another look good. Some of the other stories making news in science the squeak with the science report. Nassar is discovered a giant cavity two-thirds area of Manhattan. Enormous three hundred minutes tall growing at the bottom of the disintegrating weights. Glacier in Tactica measure says the findings were reported in the journal science advances highlights the need for. Observations Edyta glaciers and calculating how fast global sea levels rise in response to climate change. Scientists expected to find some gaps between is and bedrock. Eth- whites is bottom. What ocean water can flow in Moton, the glacier from underneath. However there were shocked by the size and explosive growth rate of the newly found hole, which is big enough to have contained fourteen billion tons of is most of which mills it over just the past three years. The cavity was revealed by ice penetrating radar in Nassar's able operation ice bridge campaign, which has been studying the connections between polar regions and global climate since twenty ten the research team also use data from talion in German space-borne synthetic aperture radars. So did you skip breakfast this morning? What do you consider it? The most important meal of the day. A new report from the British medical journal claims that when it comes to weight loss breakfast skippers might be onto something. They examined a host of studies that looked at the effect regular breakfast consumption had on weight change in energy intake of role while the quality of evidence wasn't that high based on the evidence they saw those skip breakfast. Consumed less calories, and we're on average zero point four four kilograms lighter. Researchers say the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day comes from observational studies that could be skewed. Experts with the United States naval war college and the university of Tel Aviv have discovered that internet traffic heading to Australia from Europe and North America was mysteriously diverted to mainland China over six day period in two thousand seventeen that aversion which could have been able to major data theft is being described by China's state owned telecom is nothing more than a rounding error. However, the experts at Tel Aviv university say they checked it unusual insistent Matic hijacking patents. A metric just that contrary to what Beijing claiming it wasn't an accident. The targeting of data bound for stralia full is recent revelations that China's pick security agencies responsible for the surgeon cyber attacks on Australian companies over the past year, and that's a clear breach. Abolish agreements not to steal each other's Commissioner secrets. A new study ones that teenagers who don't get enough sleep a more likely to take part in dangerous behaviors like smoking consuming alcohol taking drugs having unprotected sex driving dangerously and committing acts of violence the findings reported in the journal sleep medicine reviews looked at data and over five hundred and seventy thousand teenagers who took part in two thousand four previously related studies around the world the study reviewed the association between slick curation and risk-taking finding a direct link between risk-taking behaviors and falling short of recommended sleeping hours. Adolescence need between eight and ten hours sleep tonight. They say there's money in trash and that this is circa born every minute. And that's certainly true for the business of fortune telling and psychics, the immortal words of the character of Dr Sheldon Cooper from the hit comedy series. The big bang theory. Probably says it best I don't mean to be rude or discourteous fit before we begin. I'd just like to say there's absolutely no scientific evidence to support clairvoyance of any kind which means again, no insult intended that you're a fraud. Your profession is a swindle. Your livelihood is dependent on the Gulf -bility of stupid people the brilliance of the Sheldonian view on the universe. Still fortune. Telling is now a two billion dollar industry in the United States and apart from the occasional conviction for grand larceny. It's growing by around two percent per year. Joining us now to talk about this is Tim Mendham from Australian skeptics meeting growing quite steadily for number years. But the right of increases actually going up, and bam story often is that in times people might turn to psychics against some sort of comfort aim reality. It looks like an excellent ties people have Justice likely to turn to psychics, whether they do it as entertainment or whether they seriously believe not being formation. They're getting is suppose you had to look at eighteen pace, but the growth evident in America, people taking up sake information services has been growing every year. There's a survey done by will to Nikolay SSD industry of genuine industries. Nice it that in the last that the innocence. The same rent new two billion dollars in two thousand eighteen timeframe the number of businesses growing by close to two percent of the number of employees has grown by Saudi lists. The most psychic businesses have wound employees his who's the business does at the site. You can let but I mean, the growth actually the grass in previous years was a lot higher two thousand fourteen he was a bad sort of five percent growth. Six percent growth each Trump. Because of unforeseen circumstances. I. I went to the of that. But I mean, I don't know 'cause actually show through the office will because you had to fight thousand dollars to see what the future predictions. But I mean suggesting that is going to continue to grow. It's simply hasn't shown a negative for number of years. That's Tim Mendham from Australian skeptics, you're listening to space time. I'm Stewart Gary, and that's the show for now. You can subscribe and download space time as a free twice weekly podcast through apple podcast. I tunes Stitcher dot com. Pocket costs. Soundcloud? Youtube audio boom from space time with Stewart Gary dot com, all from your favorite podcast. Download provider space times also broadcast coast to coast across the United States on science three sixty radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington DC and available around the world on tune in radio. If you want more space time checking our blog where you'll find all the stuff we couldn't fit in the show as well as loads of images me stories, videos and things on the web. I find interesting were amusing just go to. Space time with Stewart Gary dot tumbler dot com, that's all one word and in lower case. And that's tumbler without the you can also follow us on Twitter through at Stewart. Gary at space time with Stewart Gary on Instagram and on Facebook, just go to WWW dot Facebook dot com slash space time with Stewart. Gary space-time is brought to in collaboration with Australian sky and tell us go magazine you'll window on the universe. You've been listening to space time. With Stewart, Gary this has been another quality podcast production from bites dot com.

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