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Wnyc dot org slash sponsor from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston secretary of state mike pompeo greeted members of the press as he stepped off a plane and north korea today he's meeting with officials in pyongyang to fill in the details on how to dismantle the country's nuclear weapons program north korea has committed to work toward denuclearization but hasn't provided details on how or when the program would be dismantled the justice department today must hand over documents that congress has subpoenaed regarding the fbi's conduct during the two thousand sixteen presidential election campaign npr's tim mack reports house republicans see these documents as necessary to conduct oversight and if they're not satisfied with the justice department's response trump's congressional allies could use that as a reason to take further steps against deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who oversees the special counsel's investigation into russian election interference the labor department will release the latest figures on unemployment today npr's yuki noguchi reports the jobless this rate is expected to remain at an eighteen year low of three point eight percent at a three point eight percent unemployment rate there aren't very many people who want to work you aren't working but even at full employment hiring really hasn't slowed and as a result the concern is now that the labor market has gotten too tight npr's yuki noguchi reporting this is npr news in washington this is wnyc in new york i'm richard hake a staten island woman who climbed the statue of liberty in protests on july fourth is facing charges of disorderly conduct trespassing and interfering with the government agency theresa kumo appeared before a judge in federal court she said she climbed the base to protest the separation of migrant families were attorney rea trivedi addressed a crowd outside the courthouse after the arraignment there are times when justice demands that we transcend the law i can think of no better time than the fourth of july no better way to draw attention to the violence that is being done in the name of borders kumo entered a guilty plea rather a not guilty plea for all the charges he's being released on her own recognizance many asian american new yorkers are protesting a proposed change to the city's specialized high school admissions policies they say the mayor's plan to do away with the high school test would disadvantage asian students who make up a majority at the selective schools but wnyc beenish ahmed reports that many other asian americans have expressed support for mayor de blasios plan the valedictorian of stuyvesant one of the specialized high schools matteo wong jumped in and said that he wants an end to the test based admissions policy others day that the test isn't the issue that more needs to be done to improve middle schools and offer free.

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