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You know kinda like you're you don't like matches anymore concerts. You get your cell phones. And you're feeling this communal rush and he has said striking urgency in that you know and theme equality that i think is amazing. You know and so. Yeah you s- jason's name jason. If you're if you're listening it was an interview. Yeah us an interview and the checks in the mail. Maybe no just sold you a few more albums. When i think of my favorite okay. I'm getting my favorite americana. Who air marikana my favorite artists. The cowboy junkies. Oh yeah yeah no as again though. They go back to what i mean. They go back up lifts decades. You know they're very laid back. Aren't they ountry. Fused kind of outlaw. That trailer rock during mellow very mellow that spoke. Yeah get all yeah. i like. It liked him for decades. Yeah yeah but you know again. That's another bad. That doesn't seem to get enough attention. I don't think. I mean and with this new surge of these new americana dance. It's almost like they've been put on the backburner shoved to the side. You know they're not nudge. Back into the forefront so to spain and welcome and they will go forerunners of this sort of alternative rock americana. Yes will go and son both. I mean they need to be mentioned because they were. They originated a style that they called no depression. Not sure where that came from but it was. It was sort of a Alternative sort of insurgent americana sound. That was unique to itself. Yeah so i'm gonna put you on a spot who is your americana favor. You're wearing a nitty gritty. Yeah i'm wearing nitty gritty dirt band. Each has yeah. I i always liked those guys and again i think they were not recognized the way they should have been. So yeah if you were to ask me and you just said You know. I'd i'd have to include the top three which to me were the dirt band. Nitty gritty admits pogo and the fine burrito brothers. And so i get you know. And of course the birds but the birds were come lately because they were folk-rockers so yeah nitty gritty bent outgo flying burrito brothers. Not necessarily in that order okay. Seal haven't even mentioned the eagles which they thought template for americans grey says we've he's poco contributed a lot to. Yeah but you know. We're the layers. It's funny richie. Fury says that Jen flock dreamt. Glenn fry told him one time that poco laid the rooch for the eagles were not for pogo. there might not have been the eagles. The eagles were definitive as far as americana commercially at the beginning right. Yeah yeah so a listener nude americana right to get into americana first album. The by what would you tell them. The buy an album by band that we really not even mentioned. And maybe that is be banned. Pick up the self. Titled album called the ban the brown album. You know or music from big pink. Either one of those. I think would be. You're launching point. Although when you talk about van you could also talk about. Bob dylan nashville skyline suffocates. You know but. I think the band's Have all the elements that laid.

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