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Exchange dot com. Step up, your fitness this spring with the membership. You can share it's trae Rene. And of course, I'm talking about beef gyms the gym famous for sharing and rain your neighborhood tiger to wallets in lake oswego Clackamas, Milwaukee Happy Valley and Beaverton. Raleigh hills be fit gyms securities offered through Madison Avenue securities LLC. Member FINRA SIPC MASH northwest, financial and tax solutions are not affiliated companies get the playbook to build a safer and more comfortable retirement by joining Jeff Dixon, a retirement coat, forty Jeff Dixon show every Saturday and Sunday morning at seven right here on ks biggest window sale in the history of the Pacific northwest returns, discount windows, hold it. What are you doing Leigh? Vic, I can't let you do it. It's just discount windows vinyl ninety nine sale. I know what this is Mr. thousands of premium vinyl overstock windows for ninety nine bucks each. But that's. Great only just can't we those throws a sale like this. I wonder why picture windows arches single Hung's double Hung's, gritted non-related, Auburn ninety nine bucks each. That's amazing. How do we do it brand name factory? First windows Vick. We can't just give them all at ninety nine bucks each or less Z. Now. That's just sick Lee. Don't say it savings does gal windows vinyl ninety-nine sale. Two locations in fort Leonard eighty nine zero five north and Cooper avenue next to Portland meadows on highway ninety nine Junction City open seven days a week we deliver anywhere in the northwest discount windows, final any night sale. We do windows and doors for less. Subaru a lot to love event is happening now at my friends have Subaru Portland, and that means incredible savings on your new Subaru. Hey, it's Christina go test drive. The all new two thousand nineteen three rows Subaru has sent premium. You'll think be later it has the power you want for all your adventures, but handles like a premium sedan.

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