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And you help consumers that have been in accidents. Pete at my consumer team dot com Again my email Pete's at my consumer team dot com. For many people going through a divorce will be one of the most difficult things ever faced in life. And if you've been through a divorce, you're nodding right now, because it is tough, tragically. I've been through a divorce. So I unfortunately speak from experience in this regard because of the pain. I went through both, you know, emotional pain and financial pain. I wanted to take some time on the consumer team to talk about divorce. And talk about some things that can hopefully in hate, if you're going through this, But if you're going through a divorce things that you can do to have a better outcome and maybe spend less money and have less pain. Joining us tonight is Philip Gootman. Philip is a Houston family law attorney. He represents clients going through divorce. This is his practice, so he's a good authority on this Philip before we went on the air tonight, talking on the phone, you mentioned that the biggest mistake you see in divorces. People make is acting out of emotion doing not so smart things because we let our emotions get the best of us. You know things like draining the bank account. Or taking the kids to go to Canada, or, you know, just doing things out of anger. People do things that you say or not smart, but also drive up the cost of a divorce and my capturing your thoughts on this And what? Welcome to the consumer team. No question when people lose control their emotions and and they act really more from emotion than In common sense or what their attorneys telling them to do. That's going to make the litigation more toxic for the client, the spouse. More importantly, the Children when Children are involved in the case. And financially. It's only going to make everyone's attorney's fees go up. So in the using a divorce is an example where Attorney's fees are typically community property expenses. You're essentially depleting the community. By acting in such a way where you have to pay more in attorney's fees to kind of deal with those that type of behavior, And that's something that you know. Should your case end up before a judge that the court's gonna have an island, Okay, This is what this person did. During the pendency the case, and it caused the attorneys to be involved more than they otherwise might have. And so the court could very well take that into consideration when they're dividing the Maryland state. So don't do this stupid stuff. Don't drain the bank account fell worry Friday. I mean, easier said than done. I mean the temptation to be vindictive. And to get back at the other person for how they may or may not have wronged you is a difficult one to overcome. But, yeah, I mean, it's it's you're getting strong, honest advice from your attorney. If they tell you to look, you need to do everything you can to stay away from that. You know, in the time that I've gotten to know you, Philip, I really appreciate your passion. For what you do. And beyond that, you seem to really I mean, I I get a sense that you really fight for your clients for what is right your thoughts on that. I mean, it just seems like if if I've gone through a divorce, but if I were to go through one again Would want somebody who is like you passionate and getting the best for me, right? Yeah, well, I appreciate that. I mean, I do feel like I bring that to my practice. You know, I will tell clients all the time and in cases that are, you know, could potentially, you know, kind of blow up, so to speak and become a real fight that look, you know, I mean, I know where the courthouses and I've, you know, tried cases and had many contested hearing rings during the pendency of cases and all that. But But, you know, I'm also not going to start a fight where there isn't one. Okay? As you know. Unfortunately, we'll see in our business, I think And so you know, that's something to kind of be mindful of the clip. We're gonna try to be No cost efficient year and I will tell clients look, you know you can. You can plan financially, You know, for weddings and vacations and things like that. Nobody plans for family litigation. Okay, It's it's a hole in the pocket. And it's a difficult thing. And sometimes man, there's just there's things to fight for. You know, the other side is not acting reasonably, and that's why there's a courthouse there and and you go deal with it down there. Okay, But But, yeah, he tried to make every effort. Has cost efficient as you can, but still knowing that look, I have somebody who's willing and able to go down there and fight for me. If you need the words your main area practice. Are you Are you mainly? Are you all the counties around Houston, Harris County and surrounding areas? Yes, here. It's Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria County where I'll be tomorrow. I've even got a couple of cases currently in Travis County. Pending there. That's that's rare, though, but generally it's It's Harrison and surrounding counties. Philip Goodson family law attorney right here in the Houston area with us on the consumer team. As I've said before. I wish I would have known Philip 10 years ago when I went through a divorce because I think my my experience would have been much different. Your choice of attorney in a divorce is critical. I recommend Philip Guttsman if you're going through a divorce situation. Give him a call. Learn how he can help you. Philip Gootman. Here is the phone number 7132 to 4 1207 132241200 again, Philip Gootman. Family law attorney here in the Houston area, 7132 to 4 1200 coming up on the consumer team, Earl right from his gut. 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