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Casual, and lackadaisical than couple of film generally is there isn't that crushing sense of ennui that's a lot of her films, very light but it's it's really fun especially for Bill Murray's performance who he kind of plays an exaggerated version of his sort of mythic persona as this strange Hollywood urban legend and he gets appeal back the layers of that a little and give a cer- melancholy twist to it. So that's on the rocks. It's be coming to apple actually soon. So I'm going to look up for that Russian of had pulled up. It coming Apple TV plus on. October Twenty Third Twenty Twenty Okay. Real quick before we move off that you mentioned the on we that is like the one word that I think of when I think of Sofia Coppola as a filmmaker on you mentioned this is this is not that isn't so much more lighter thing. I, just wonder what you think about that. Transition out of that. If after watching this movie, you would like to see more. Lightly toned movies from COUPLA or if you want if you prefer the the sort of ennui that she's more traditionally known for I think I'd prefer the on we because deprived of that. It doesn't feel very much like Sofia Coppola film it just kind of feels. Like I can't think of an exact filmmaker who be would just it feels like it less has less for trademark on it it's still enjoyable but I would say that I like when she's brooding and in sad and A. deconstructing the facets of feminity and. The Patriarchy and stuff so. I, I'd say this is an enjoyable watch but not one of couple as. Best or even most memorable films what enjoyable. Eric. What else have you been watching? I have been watching the human voice. So this is Pedro Mall Vars. English language debut starts told US win and it is a adaptation of the John Cocteau play of the same name it's short film. So it's not his English language feature debut, but it is for sure another rate entry into a motive ours demography and Tilda Swinton just burns up the screen in this film I. I just I love almost of our in general I. think that his. Bold filmmaking his bold colors emotions are always just so. Delightful. To experience screen. So cinematic and he does so much with a thirty minutes here much more than like. What many filmmakers are have been able to achieve in two hours. So this is very much all of our to its fullest, very bright vibrant melodramatic, and it's all about this Tillerson's performance and that formative grief in a way in that her character is basically on a long phone call with her former lover, a sort of going through a breakdown and talking about her relationship and meditating on love and grief, and all those kind of things and it's is really amazing. What's involved bar and Sweden can do with just her some air pods and a luxurious apartment is just a really fantastic short film might be one of my probably my favorite thing I've seen of the. Actually, there's another one that I will mention one of my favorite things out of your film festival so far and I only wish you is longer I i. really wish it was more than just a half hour that we got, but it is a perfect little short film and It was filmed during a covid times during like the social distancing measures and layaway that Alva works into The film is Really Wonderful to watch. He makes a sort of like this Meta textual commentary on that performance of type of brief, and by making it clear that this apartment that she's swanning about is built on a sound stage and he shows the exterior of that of that apartment in the sort of gray industrial sound stage and it's it's really. Great to watch. So that's the human voice, the Pedro Mall till the sweeten collaboration it's fantastic and don't know if it'll be streaming anywhere soon I think was picked up by searchlight I was just looking this up because I was like this sounds fascinating how the heck are the rest of us going to get a chance to see this and evidently like two days ago Sony pictures classics picked it up and it seems like they are going to be figuring out a release plan and like there's talk that this could end up competing in the Oscars for best live action. Short. But I don't know about what that release plan is going to be because they just picked it up a couple of days ago. So I think they're probably still figuring out a plan there but hopefully, it'll get released on one of the streaming services mobile check it out soon hopefully. So next thing I watched is a an Argentinean film called. Isabella. Structured by Mattis. Pinero and It's is a play on Shakespeare's measure for measure. It's about these Aspiring actors as they auditioned for a play. For measure for measure, and it's told in this non linear fashion where you jump between their audition and things they describe in their addition and there is that sort of thin. Line between reality and fantasy that's always fun in these kind of festival movies but it's a little bit Opaque in terms of its depictions of its characters in their thought processes in what they're going through it's probably not probably of what I've seen so far, but it's still really fascinating experience and a really interesting Survey examination of spear through the the characters and through the actresses who Very much are reflections of Shakespeare's characters. So that is Isabela and That is you know. I don't know if it's either that's just looked. It says a twenty twenty one theatrical release is being planned. So sounds like theaters next year. You know assuming that there are theaters next year hopefully. Next thing I watched was my favorite thing for short. The festival but also of the year and that's Koiji aisles nomad land. I was so so excited to see this it was. I. Think Chris reviewed it at? The Toronto Film Festival and I was really excited to the able to watch it and. See all the buzz in anticipation. There's already Oscar buzz around it, but that's not the reason that I wanted to see it in. This is just a beautiful beautiful slice of Americana that just feels like a A..

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