Mark Ruffalo, Whoppi Goldberg, Michael Moore discussed on Rush Limbaugh


You're listening to rush limbaugh coming up next it's michael savage noon to three on talk radio 560 ksfo let there is another characteristic aspect did they is actors and actresses going nuts like of the grammys last night good i can give you an example mark ruffalo the caller mentioned mark ruffalo unlike the caller i i like mark ruffalo work until the guy is is a war take trump hater and you see i i can't just set that aside when i see the guide and what pre whoppi goldberg is offer offer rocker others but ruffalo and whoopi goldberg and michael moore are headlining the anti trump state of the union somewhere forty seven bucks ahead charging forty seven dollars a head for people to see this now i think part and parcel of this hillary was gonna win they were all in for hillary they couldn't say enough good about her they campaigned wherever they did everything they could for hillary ishida loses and i think they consider vat a big slap in the face and it makes him questionnaire influence so i think part of his anger at the american they go on the grammys last night they started insulting the american people were their blatant hypocrisy they're mad at you you didn't like hillary you voted for trump so you add that factor rim to the in the equation and you get a large group of really messed up peel what amazes me about it honestly got here's the thing in amazed the music industry puts up with it and it cbs televised that's what a may it's still amazes me i know it shouldn't because i know the music industry in cbs or virulently antitrump too but from the standpoint of the question why wouldn't you want to anger half of your audience but man the cause becomes the number one thing in overrides every other concern for people like this now this thing on the nfl pointed this is from the usa today usa today sports they survey two.

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