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Had. No i'm your host sean. Kado and once again joined with you guys today to talk about this wonderful game of basketball now. Little bit of story time so this past weekend i played in a summer league tournament of before my season starts back up in. I'll when do these tournaments. I don't typically like to speak with anyone outside of my team playing on the helps keeping locked in helps me stay focused and you know we play the first two games and we win quite convincingly and for meat for me. I'm using these summer league games to work on things socially working on this offseason. So you know getting getting my floater off quicker getting my runner quicker Shooting that dribble That pull up off the dribble ambient to change direction and change angle attacking Off the pick and roll stuff like that. So i'm not really for me the summer the summer league games. I'm not to focus on winning. I'm primarily focused on working on what needs to improve on a in live game situations. I know my skill set. It's gonna carry itself so in winning the first two games in. I guess by by by others standards. I played pretty well very good thing. The first game. I had twenty then the second game. I had like twenty nine twenty nine. I think i thought i could have played a lot better but i could buy people standards Develop played well in so as i'm walking Throughout the gym at the second game waiting for a championship game start. I'm hearing i'm hearing. Clamor in little bit murmuring has walked by my as they point at me. Are they look at me. Any feel it. I can feel it. But i'm not really focused on on our focus on. I'm just trying to play the basketball win this game championship game so we start shamsher game you know we we get up about fifteen in. I'm playing well. And i get taken out or as marcy myself out because i want to allow people team to play because for them in the guys. That aren't playing professionally. Did this means a lot for them to win a little this this summer league tournament actively understand that and so i don't wanna take that away from so i take myself foul play and while i'm out the the score is the the deficit is cut down so when i left we fifteen in combat. Were actually down. I see down my seven. I want to focus on coming in the game prior to that. I said because. I'm not really focused on. I wanna get other guys. Blame time because i noticed a lot fan so we try to call back ended up losing the game by by five points. I think i've finished thirty five in actually game going. Like you always do Job to two other team cleveland. For even if i lose any anyone loses guy lose with with honor and integrity. Now that doesn't mean you have to go and shake other team san but you can't storm off the court dejected. lose class and you win with class the sun to the writer. The art of war says there. There's there's there's honor in victory in there's victory in honor in thought that quote was very poignant point says for that time so we we lose Graduation Team to the rest. Twelve score keepers. Everyone involved and that's that's something everyone. All players young players take account of after every game and say. Thank you to the referees. In to the people that are running the The scoresheet in the shot clock. Because they're taking time day to help you get better essentially so take take time out. And it's not it's not long takes fifteen seconds. Go say thank you. It means a lot. It means a lot shows your appreciation so after that the game ends in Walking off the court in i get. There's like there's like seven people that walk up to me at. I'm thinking about to get jumped or something. But they come up to me and say. Oh my gosh man. You played so well. This whole tournament de They're saying where do you play you know did you. Where'd you plan. Would you go to college at high school at the to play professionally. Where'd you play professionally in our. I realized that in every professional athlete noses especially basketball players. You know you've played well in a tournament or in a pickup game when people coming ask you those questions did you. Did you play in college. Where'd you go to school at d. play professionally in. Where'd you play professionally. And why are you here if you get those five questions than any sort of one of those five. Did you know you played well that day. Hand not tell my whole story so okay but the point of that story is When you pick up guys talking Unocal's guys Suit when you play pickup focus on gene focus on. Take moment for what it is. Don't focus on winter losses in a good way to gauge. If he played well is if you get those questions.

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