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And this kind of thing can happen. There's a a woman who is a wrestler and w w e who wrestles under the name Sonya DeVille. Her real name is Daria Baron Otto. She's Dian. Mm a fighter and then switched over to wrestling. And has been wrestling in WW for awhile now. Ah, very out. Spoken in terms of the way she lives her life. She's one of the AA few openly gay W W E superstars. And we know that as a big company there tryingto no hit. Every demographic they're trying to touch people of all different races. Genders thought processes, belief, sexuality, all that What I'm about to review is pretty scary Stuff. A man was arrested on Sunday on a kidnapping charge at the home of WW e star Sonia de Ville. Phillip Thomas, arrested in charge of three felonies, attempted armed kidnapping, armed burglary and aggravated stalking. So apparently, this guy has been planning this alleged crime for eight months, and this guy had been stalking Sonia de Ville on Social media and, according to a news release This guy entered the home of 2 43 AM Eastern. On Sunday after the homeowner went to bed through a back sliding glass door. The entry triggered an alarm led to the homeowner looking out the window, seeing Thomas on the property. The homeowner and a guest fled the house in a car and called 911. Thomas was still inside the residence. When officers arrived. He was carrying You ready for this? A knife, zip ties, duct tape, Mace and quote. Other personal items. Apparently, this guy cut a hole in the patio screen earlier in the night, stayed there for 3 to 4 hours watching and listening what was happening inside the home through the windows? This guy was in South K lives in South Carolina. He went the Florida telling deputies he planned to take the homeowner hostage, which was ah Sonja DeVille. And she even put out a tweet saying Thanks for the love and concern, frightening experience, Everybody safe special. Thank you to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for their response and assistance. Now, Daria Baron Otto is also an M. M A fighters bill with Debbie Debbie since 2015 The man that is scary stuff. I don't care who you are. That's why for me, there are implements of beating near me if God forbid anybody ever enters my house, But we locked the door, so not so much worry about that. Are you missing? Preseason football? I'm gonna make case why you might be next 855 to 12 for CBS. Texting and rolls you into re occurring automated text messages, message and data rates may apply. Come on. One more rep. You got this 10. There it is. Nice work. You're a beast. Thanks, man. I feel better than I have in years..

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