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He is Jalen rose. What up David Jacoby? Cool. Check gin. Sooner stage on the my putting it on wax. It's the new together. Jona Jacoby water. We the people. They. During that when I know today's the day happy March madness everybody watching and listening right now great game between two of the best in the Eastern Conference last night. The Sixers and the Celtics traded buckets going back to back at the end. Joel Embiid had thirty seven points twenty two rebounds. And there's this slobby play at the end. But Jimmy Butler county. I love is in watch Olympic come over to steer them in the face. I love this so much Jalen rose. You can't tell me that Aron Baynes, Marcus, all or Lopez can stop Joel Embiid. Is there anyone in the Eastern Conference has an answer for Joel Embiid when it comes playoff though, I don't think. So that's why pick Philadelphia to win the east least on a dynamics that you just described. You have a young bull was coming into his own. Who's had some history of injury to understand the level of sense of urgency. The organization clearly. Does this will to go with Ben Simmons the added Jimmy Butler as well as Tobias Harris to supplement what they've done JJ rhetoric is a knockdown shooter knowledge of a sudden, I appreciate what they've accomplished as it relates to getting balanced. So you'll look at the numbers, but how about the attempts their top for their top three players all attempted seventeen shots from the floor bounce and Joel Embiid who can make the three was pounding in the paint. Which is why he made twenty free throw. It. Just don't have an answer for him underneath now to be fair as someone who watched the game. The Sixers look he didn't really have an answer for Kyrie Irving. Either. He missed a couple of shots at the end the game that you're only makes little floaters and lamps or whatever like what they would do. Carry Irving is JJ barracks on them up. He's going right by they run a pick and roll. Joel embiid's on go right by as much as Joel Embiid was dominant. So was Kyrie Irving, but I'm looking at the Eastern Conference. And this is something I've said all season..

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