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I mean I know I know a couple of. The buzzword. TIKTOK. Imia region so maybe I'll probably do something with with. The girls at. The dance and The answer. From by probably have other girl forget her name, but when the came in in part by do something with her account to mock that I'd have to figure out what the copy would be, but my mind kind of turns. When when I see those, so you're not. You're not into the deep into game. I'll say too much about kind of the the Chinese government. How much information they have and I think looking at the Rona and everything going on I. Think Americans have proven themselves to be pretty fucking stupid. Forty two public with their Info and Your happened now let's pretend like your dad works at the. been used in making Cox literally, not even the point is the Trojan horse to get in. His information that Shit. It feels like feels like that's Kinda. The thing it's like we're too dumb to realize other Arabs the upscale. Abbott do dances and the whole I. Want to get started on. It just like I mean I'll kill. You do the same exact actually if anybody gets. Slow. No, no one dance lasts for like ten years. People are going to be doing the fortnight dance on jumbotrons for millenniums. Old Right now. I'm just wondering like. I saw the Brian. Get into it, and it's like you're you're the. Me? I'm trying to for like a week and a half. The future in this, but I'm almost forty odds I, would you know? Make ticks talks. I just can't take him into rate decision. Same same here we have. We have gone that route yet I. Don't think we can. We're too old tool. We're not that good dancers either. For like two hours straight and people people were disgusted. The final headline Chris Paul Hits Buzzer Beater to win game seven of the finals. No one around to celebrate. Her making that that would ever happen to. A PODCAST. and. There was offender to while honestly I'd have to be in the moment for that. That happened. Nobody would expect it. That'd be crazy. On A. I've got I just got one more question. If you're in the bubble and you had to pick one of your dunk, Co hosts to be in a bubble with like you're a roomy with so really I'm asking. Who wouldn't you want to be in the bubble with? Is it legit throwers Zach, ny rule. As on cigarette call, I don't know Whoa..

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