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Prompt again. Think of it like Legos the way that you take apart. This big Lagos structure depends on what it is, but it will always. Comfortability ability motivation are always components that you're. You're fiddled. Let's say right now. The goal for we want to make limitless the most read in finished book of the year. That's Michael. So what would you recommend to somebody watching this right now? And they just have the book some reason they just. They haven't even help Ya. Love it love at. Is Reading or the Audio Booker either one. Let's take reading the book. Say That okay. I almost put this as an example in my book, but it was a little too self referential, but it's perfect for you, so here's what so first of all. Get the ball. And then take the reading behavior. One chapter is too big instead scaling way way back. You might think one paragraph. That's okay. You could even go back to one sentence, and you might even go back to. My habit is just going to be opening book. Right as simple as possible, but you might want to pick a sentence or a paragraph, so you take the behavior. Make it super tiny. Don't think you're GONNA. Read five pages. It's not tiny enough. You gotTa make it so easy. That, even when you're sick or busy or in a rush, she'll still do it. Will you still ran the one sentence or one paragraph? So they're gonNA make that tiny. Then you're you won't have to relax motivation you're in this. Next, find where it fits naturally in your life. Where does it come after? To read limitless. Come after. Maybe it comes after you start the coffee maker. Maybe it's after you sit down with lunch. Maybe it's actor. You go to your afternoon break so what you have to design it into your life. Look like a my fingers on. You have to decide what where does it come after? And this is a design process? It's not about willpower. Okay, so if you're tapping into willpower. If you think you lack motivation, you're headed down the wrong path. It's designed challenge. Not a will project so you? You find where it fits naturally in my life. There was a time when summer where I wanted to to reading, and always sat down on the deck with my partner looked over the river in the evenings, so that was the moment after i. sit down with my partner and for Tim. It was just opened the book. It wasn't read anything. It was just open and what I did and I drew this up as you were talking. I made a bookmark that had a happy Smiley face on it like that. So when I opened the book. Looking at that Smiley face made me feel successful than happy a little bit of a hack. But what you could do is open the book. An azure. Book. Wow. This is helping me achieve my life's purpose, because it is but gem teaching, you is so if you can connect the habit of opening the ball. To Howitt's help inactivity think about how it's helping you achieve your life purpose. That's a form of celebration that can help you feel successful, and that's going to help the habit form really quick. You change best buy feeling good, not feeling bad now who read that that's a thread that runs through my entire book because too often, people think that change is hard and after beat themselves. That's not the best way to change, so yeah, the details about tiny habits. He'd your model I think the powerful message to get out there as change. Best. Buy Feeling good. And there are ways to transform your life by feeling good, and if you're feeling bad, that's a signal to find a better way to do it, and that's really what my works about him I think your work is bad. Is Helping people upgrade and transform in these positive ways, and it's not about guilt or shame or Self trash-talk. There's ways there's better ways to do it, so forget about a lot of the traditional stuff you're you thought about behavior change and understand that you change best feeling good. You're changed best. I feel good I. think that that's amazing. Remember when you teach something you get to learn. It's wise to share this winter. Fans, your friends or family. Your your followers online eilly recommend. People get the book. Tiny habits by Dr. bj fog, and it could also follow you on social media on Instagram and twitter all this fun. Thank you so much and everybody. I'm so glad you're here with Jim. He's amazing. You know that you would be here and huge. CONGRATS and I'm cheering. You Yuan. I'm watching the. Itself Point the people get the book, but there's something exciting about seeing how. It's doing incredible. A lot of people are connecting with the book just cheering you on. Thank, you bj although. Want to double your brain speed and memory power. If you'd like to learn rapidly, get ahead faster I'd like to give you my brand new quick brain accelerator program. You will discover exactly what I teach my clients to learn read and remember anything in half the time there is no.

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