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Radio app. Yeah, it concerns whether or not Gavin Newsom will have a D next to his name on the recall about it. D for Democrat As weird as it sounds, Apparently, the Newsome people had missed the statutory deadline to have that included. On the recall ballot, and Newsome took the case to court to get that decision reversed so he could put a D next to his name on the recall ballot and The judge in the case has just made his decision. So we're going to talk to Eric early. Was an attorney for the recall. Proponents of Gavin Newsom, also a candidate for California attorney general, who can bring us more detail on this story, and how it came out, Eric, What's the conclusion? Guys great to hear from you. We just got the ruling within the last five minutes. And you know, I'm proud to represent the California Patriot Coalition Recall Gavin Newsom. 2020 and the judge came out of the ruling and denied Uh, Newsom's effort to overcome his latest mistake. Any outcome is is that Newsome? Yeah, Newsom can't put the word Democrat or D or the letter D next to his name on the recall ballot, And it's all because He He tried to. He blew his own law. His law had a deadline in it, and he blew the deadline by 16 months in about three weeks ago, he realized he blew the deadline and he tried to get his secretary of state to just you know, just wink wink, nod nod. Let him blow the deadline. She said. No, go to court. And last week he went to court. He sued the secretary of state, and we didn't think anybody was going to do a strong opposition to his his lawsuit, and we were right. The secretary of State really didn't fight it much. So we intervened on behalf of the, uh, you know, the recall movement, California Patriot Coalition and Orn Heatley and Mike Netter and the court. Let us intervene, and then we opposed Newsom's effort. And thankfully, the judge followed the law. And basically, at the end of day this shows that nobody is above the law, and that includes Gavin Newsom. No, this is such a crazy Issue because they revised the recall rules a couple of years ago, and Newsome signed a bill which mandated a deadline. Putting your name on the ballot and Well, if you really affiliate if you want to party affiliation, he's the only appointed Shirley Weber is the secretary of state. She followed the law that he signed. And then he's suing her. I'm just the craziest thing I ever heard us. It's pretty classic and, uh, and, frankly, you know, we saw the lawsuit. We said wait a second, he appointed Shirley Weber and we would be very we were doubtful that there would be much of an opposition to that lawsuit. From Shirley Weber, and that's what caused us to get involved in the lawsuit. And then Caitlyn Jenner's team saw what we did, and they jumped in the lawsuit to after us and today this judge is very good judge in Sacramento. Uh, issued the correct ruling. What? How does that work? Did you submit arguments for the oral written? How did you guys become a part of this case? Well, The first thing we did was last weekend. The last week we follow what's called the motion to intervene on behalf of the California Patriot Coalition, or in Heatley, the lead proponent, and Mike Netter, the other main proponent. We asked the court to let us in the case and let us file in opposition and argue in opposition to Newsom's petition. And so the judge let us in the case and then on this past Friday Three days ago, there was a hearing in Sacramento and I appeared on behalf of you know the Patriot Coalition or in Mike and Newsom had his lawyer appear, and Shirley Weber, the secretary of state's lawyer appeared, and Generous team had a lawyer appeared, and we we argued all of this stuff in front of the judge and and his ruling just came out. But what was Newsom's argument? Because this is not complicated. Okay, missed the deadline by a deadline. You missed the deadline by a lot and and it's pretty clear in the law. That the deadline exists. I don't get it. What? What? What? What did he say? Well, by the way, everything you just said was exactly right. The law is very crystal clear on what happens when you blow the deadline that you can't put this information. You can't say you're a Democrat on the ballot. You can't put a d next your name on the ballot, and so his lawyers You know, argued that Newsom had Substantially complied with the law. That's sort of a legal term of art, and frankly, he did not substantially comply. Like I said he blew the deadline by 16 months, but Regardless, when you're dealing with these election deadlines, you really cannot introduce the the argument of substantial compliance. And when you're dealing with the statute, that was this clearly worded that said. This is what happens. If you do not meet this deadline. You cannot put your party affiliation on your ballot. It was clear It was not. This was not an ambiguous law. It was very unambiguous as lawyers say. And so Newsom's defense frankly, should not have been, um, approved or or, um, you know, granted by the judge, and thankfully, as I said, judge followed the law. And this is a big mistake by Newsome. You know there've been there've been Democrats strategists out there already saying publicly that there's a lot of people in California as shocking as it may sound that do not know that Gavin Newsom is a Democrat. And if he doesn't have a D, next to his name on the ballot Those automatic votes he would normally get from a lot of people who vote. Just Democrat. He may lose. Uh, can they appeal this decision? Yes, they can appeal it and we'll see what happens. This was made by a Sacramento Superior Court judge. So I guess I can go to a state appeals court or a county corridor, right? But there's no it would go up better argument he's going to have with the next judge. No, it's pretty cut and dried. It is All he all he can hope for. If he appeals that are, you know, sort of Judges that are favorable to him for reasons other than the law. Let's just say that, but if he does appeal, it would have to go to the state Court Court of Appeals up in the Sacramento area, and if he does, it will oppose it there, too, but Hopefully he'll realise, uh, it will be a fool's errand. Alright, Eric. Thank you very much work on and giving us the details and good work. Working for the recall, folks. Okay, guys. Thank you, me and everybody should be Go ahead. All right. Thanks, guys. Yeah, thanks, guys. Everybody has to vote Yes, on that recall on September 14th And I know the guys in the recall would love all the help Don't donations Recall, Gavin..

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