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Biggest recommend I Am Boeing BYU here. My biggest recommendation is go to the I think it's called the Hawkins pack out. It's a burger shack that's been around since the fifties or sixties and Boise. Notice the pronunciation, it's really good. I love a good old burger shack that's my recommendation for this game. He I don't want to overlook the fact that western beat northern Illinois at the end of the year. And I know I just crapped on northern Illinois offense. But it's still a pretty good win for them. Yes. I don't think I'd wanna go points here BYU, minus thirteen but I think BYU wins. And I'm pretty confident in that. I'd say around thirty confidence points for me. I'm at thirty six tie. Wow. Okay. Thirty six so we we sort of agree we sort of and I did take Elliott's. So I had Georgia Southern at thirty one. I had North Carolina ANT at thirty two. And I had Fresno state at thirty four. It looks like yeah. Tony get those points. Get him. Early. Yep. Absolutely. I had Louisiana very high and that didn't work. Yeah. Rough rough rough. Yeah. I also had who else? I have. I had someone else in there that lost very I on mine. All right. The jared. Birmingham bowl. Yes. At legion field in Birmingham. It's on ESPN on Saturday. The twenty second it's between Memphis at eight and five and Wake Forest at six and six currently the Tigers are three and a half point favorite in this game. The participants will get a gift sweet and Oakley backpack or sunglasses. I think I'd go backpack. I think so too. You get a cooling hoodie whenever that is. No disrespect to Bip Roberts, though. No, no. Yeah. And if a ball, so again, another one where the the gift sweets doing a lot of heavy lifting. But listen, if you are Liz, a Memphis or Wake Forest player, and you are in either of those areas over the summer all of a sudden cooling hoodie. Sounds incredible. Absolutely. Okay. I'm with it. Okay. So I'm gonna put five points in this game. I have I have zero feel for which direction. This one's headed. Feels to me like benfits is the better team. I know they've got a better offense. I think Bill Connolly ranks something like fifty spots higher in the S and P plus, but you look at wake season their worst loss was FSU, which isn't a great loss mind you, but the rest were Notre Dame, Clemson, Boston, College, Syracuse, etc. Etc. They actually beat NC state and Duke in the final month of the season. So I can't tell if this is a wake team that is more a victim of pretty tough schedule. Or if it's a wake team that's inconsistent enough to have trouble here with Memphis. Am going to go with my gut and say Memphis, but like five points five confidence points wouldn't wanna touch the point spread here. Because it just it feels like this one could go either way big issue for Memphis. Or three issues there without their offensive defensive coordinators who both got new jobs. Kenny Billingham is the offense coordinator he goes to Auburn northern Arizona hired Memphis's defensive coordinator for their head coaching job. Durell Henderson who maybe one of the best three running backs in the country, not playing in this game going pro. So I'd still I'm gonna go Memphis because the defense if I'm gonna lock in my points per drive metric as an indicator ballgames and effort, motivation, blah, blah, blah. There's something still to me a little bit more consistent about Memphis. Even without all of that than there is to me about wake who. Yes. As you mentioned. They were flip flop and every week losing to the Florida state team the way that they do this year's Florida state team. Yeah, we then going to NC state, obviously and winning strange killing Duke strange, but I'm going with consistency and motivation here aside notes actually two side notes.

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