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Monday edition of the new business hour, I'm Cisco Koto and I'm. Chris cry Dell we have, mostly sunny skies this afternoon. A high temperature of eighty one currently eighty at O'Hare seventy four. At the lakefront the noon business hour is presented by the village. Of Bedford park let's kick, things off with, an update of Wall. Street at Bloomberg here's a Lisa Parenti. Well Cisco and Chris the losses. Are accelerating the Dow is down one hundred thirty seven points are half a percent NASDAQ slumping one hundred twenty four points that is a loss of almost. One and two thirds percent SNP down twenty falling through. The twenty eight, hundred level the Bloomberg WBZ 'em Chicago index down three quarters percent so high flyers no longer the heaviest selling among the same. Tech stocks that. Have been pushing the NASDAQ to new highs four times this month Amazon, Google, Netflixing Facebook all are pulling. Away from their own Record highs and so are apple and Microsoft. Both of those are Dow stocks these are an American. Express are. Actually the. Companies leading the Dow's loss now the Wall Street Journal says AmEx raised foreign exchange rates on business customers. Without letting them know I and a. California. Supermarket chain owned by Kroger will stop, accepting visa cards next month. Foods Co. says it's oh, it's high fees that are. Paid for transactions are what prompted the change its intending to pass. Along any savings now to customers these down three and a half. Percent pending home sales rose, last month for, the first time in. Three point nine percent back to you. Cisco and Chris thanks Lisa one. Of our story stocks today Caterpillar which is up and we will tell you why and we're going to also be taking a look at those struggling tech. Stocks and summer jobs a lot of people getting that. Part time work, for the summer and finding out there being offered fulltime gigs.

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