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Is the dallas morning news. It's monday march fifteenth here. Today's headlines brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state. Farm is there. Today will be very sunny and warm with a high of eighty. Tonight it will be partly cloudy with a low fifty four. Our top story migrants are being flown from south texas to el paso only to be expelled back to mexico by customs border protection. That's with the dallas morning. News has learned the migrants. Most who are legally seeking asylum are flown to other cities. After crossing the border in the rio grande valley el paso county officials and migrant advocates. Said saturday that they had been told they would receive as many as two hundred and seventy migrants per day in two separate flights from the rio grande valley but instead many migrants are being sent back across the border to sudan horace under title forty to a public health order put in use. During the trump era it allows the government to immediately expel migrants at the border because of the coronavirus pandemic cb bp is not said how many people have been expelled from the us since the flights began last week but the news has learned that at least fifty were expelled to horace on thursday alone in crime news. It's been thirty four years since ben. Spencer went home to his wife. Deborah back then. She didn't own the three bedroom home in cedar hill where her walls are decorated with photos of him in their son. Ben junior she bought the house while he was in prison for eight. Nineteen eighty-seven deadly robbery that he's always said he didn't have anything to do with still. He felt at home when he walked in friday night after a judge released him from the dallas county jail. The judge ruled. His trial was unfair because prosecutors withheld evidence and witnesses lied but spencer's not quite free. The highest criminal court in texas must agree with the judge and dallas. County district attorney. John crews hasn't decided whether to try him again. There's no dna or fingerprint evidence but prosecutors and state judge lee. Lamaze aren't ready to say spencer is innocent. Spencer's defense team is also still fighting to prove it in vaccines. Dallas county's covid nineteen vaccine fair. Park site won the approval of acting army secretary. John whitley on friday. This comes as the federal mission to inoculate of people. Day at the site enters. Its second phase the site jointly operated by the us military federal emergency management agency and dallas county. Health department is expected to begin offering booster shots next week to nearly ninety thousand people who previously received their first dose of the vaccine. Whitley said this is a model of what our country is about and finally student enrollment is down at universities and colleges across the country as the coronavirus continues to disrupt plants according to the national student. Clearinghouse post-secondary enrollments declined two point five percent in the fall of twenty twenty almost twice the rate of enrollment decline in two thousand nineteen undergraduate. Enrollment was the primary cause for the decline decreasing by three point. Six percent from two thousand nineteen texas university enrollment declined similarly at about three percent but public two year colleges were hit the hardest with nearly an eight percent drop that's according to the texas higher education coordinating board but now a new initiative called future focused texas wants to stop declining enrollment by taking a personal look at the needs of seniors and college students as well as their counselors and mentors through a public private collaborative that supplies resources and leverages innovative tools. Thanks for listening.

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