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Coast to coast AM with George Noory. all we talk a lot about podcasting and we talk about the afterlife on this program up next Mike Dorsey Scott Michaels joins us as we talk about dearly departed they've got a podcast out that really highlights of this they're both next on coast to coast AM but first listen to their podcast because I meant Markland see from Paul Revere and the raiders a few years ago mark Lindsay lived on cielo drive with Terry Melcher the producer who knew Manson yeah that's why man's near the house then Markland you moved out Candice Bergen moved in then they both moved out and that's when Sharon aroma moved about mark lanes he told me that he and Terry Melcher composed him or me and good times on on the piano in the room and that that the house is furnished yeah show that same couch that Terry Melcher is sitting on is the same so for that Sharon Tate was murdered all right and so the piano was just a few feet from that and those two amazingly cool songs ended up you know coming out of an instrument that was just a few feet away from one of the most horrific crimes in American history show so it's sort of a weird pop culture reference and that's exactly the kind of stuff he grooved on you know he wanted to know what the sheet music was on the piano yes straight shooter and pomp and circumstance yeah so in those two songs you told about ended up in the trailer yeah and and how did you feel when you saw that as well I mean it's a kick in the pants I mean you're like I I know that came for me I do so we're gonna be back with Mike Dorsey and Scott Michaels as we talk about their dearly departed podcast and some of the incredible things in stories they have covered or uncovered on coast to coast AM. well the impeachment inquiry into president Donald Trump under way in are you getting all the facts that you see from fox CNN and MSNBC you might want to think about newsmax TV giving you the alternative the real facts it's America's newest and fastest growing cable news channel now one seventy million cable homes something that you should watch I do each week you can see bill o'reilly Mike Huckabee Michelle Malkin.

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