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Yeah. Yeah. Those two she'll be happy. Okay. So, so then into detailing Bethany about how they went to Gramercy theater, and like Lou and busy didn't wanna see them, you know, and on top of that. Like no, she was just so full of herself. She's even selling candles with her face on it. Most whoop. What did you mean? Like holy is holy. That's second watch us. Well, it it's Beth secretary. Okay. I used those prayed, God. Right. I love Ramona gets on this, like, huge moral band member. When Ramona walk off stage because someone had nude pictures, Alex. Yeah. Yeah. That's when Ramona was like, selling true, faith jewelry. I believe it was called when she was like a meeting with jewelry. Okay. Up ramona. Yes, who is she join of off? Mary, that's for sure. The idea that like Ramona things Joan of arc is I'm kindles, so who knows maybe she'd probably, yeah. Those are being account. Well, she's saying, I didn't know that Joan of arc was the Saint Saint I'm gonna look it up right now, because now I just felt Catholic starting to hit the steering wheel going. No Browning thinks she is Joan van ark of Joan of arc Saint Saint John of Arcadia Jonas, Katya. God, amber Ambert, Saint Joan of arc is a single. I take it back. I take it mall sack next gonna question. Ryan Gosling seat. Hit on my. No venkat. Well, I apologize. Everyone who's prayed at the Joan of arc candle my I've learned something today, and I will take it with me forever. Well, let's not lose our heads about it. Okay. Okay. Actually, she got burnt at the stake. You see. I'm just my, my Saint stuff is just all falling apart. Yeah. Okay. Guys. So let's keep going. Van comes in. This is wearing a have to John Lennon. Woah. One time somewhere. Normally looks on point. I feel like they're fashions, but this one shoot comes in a black jumpsuit with the white floppy. I've been told it's called them Applejack. Somewhere somewhere between Applejack boy. It's like a poor child in the twenties. It looked like something from two thousand and three but it was like this big white floppy hat with the brim. It looked it looked. It would've looked ridiculous at anytime at especially ridiculous. Now. I was like, what are you doing? Why are you wearing this ridiculous hat what happened? I think she's doing her like rockstar after a concert casual look at this. Says she comes in and it's the what happened to you miss. Ramona got your text messages, sending you air kisses. What does that mean? Ramona's like, well you know what? I mean I heard you couldn't even wait to get them out of your dressing room. So what cares? Well, I had five hundred people waiting to see it only had ten minutes to memorize the words to deck the. I don't even know how that ends the Decca cabaret is that deck the girl code tell you that was a difficult one to get through. So that doesn't sound right. I would have been if I went there, that's for sure. And there was like, listen before. So you say though, I mean, that's showbiz. Don't roll your eyes Amiga Earls, that's show biz girls as anyone in this town. You like it or not that is show business girls like goes and what are you now? You have a religious kantle health that didn't don't buy Ramona. Okay. You didn't even see it because you went out the show. So. Narrowed it going to school me on religious morality. Give me a break, please..

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