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So that's I think an interesting thing to watch, perhaps you get to see more Jerome Braque in the game, Matt, your guy from Quincy. I was waiting for that. Your guy? Going back to that, I just thought there was room on the team for a rock. I didn't think he over Tyler or any of that. I just thought that if two four star running backs when they come play at Iowa, if they come on in let's go. And then also Charlie Kohler, they're all American tight end, did not play last week. He did dress I think the anticipate him playing. One of the things that I was probably going to run more this week because Iowa state runs a lot of two tights, sometimes three types. You're going to see more of you're not going to see the cash. You're going to see belt and back at safety and probably Justin Jacobs out there at a third linebacker just because Iowa state is going to go heavy. And that's something, you know, we'll get a more traditional look. Julian, what are your thoughts on that? I don't believe a word of it. You know, is somebody banged up did somebody dress but not play as somebody, you know, somebody's having confidence issues, you know, somebody take Viagra now or something, I don't care. I would much rather have us come out there and me personally look at them as full strength, full go, you know, full bore and just blow them out by 50. You know, then go in there and be like, oh, well, you know, maybe maybe brace is banged up and we don't have to worry about that as much. And you know, and then he runs for 200 yards against us. You know, so I don't believe any of it . As far as I know, you know, Matt Campbell's a good coach. You know, that may as well have been gamesmanship. I'm holding out their star tight end to, you know, to fake us out or something like that. I just assume everything is a smokescreen. And they're going to be at a 110%. You know, for this game. So we have to bring everything that we've got to the table. But I am very interested in us getting back to a four three a true four three defense, you know, and Dave belton is just such an animal. To, you know, adjusted Jacob's being, you know, as insanely athletic as he is. To get those guys in a situation where potentially, you know, we bring belt and down with jagged chips in the game. We're winded up in some sort of four four look or just him sticking his nose in there a little bit more in the run game. I think this is this might be the hardest Iowa defense to run against that we've had in a very, very long time. You do not want 8 men in the box with us. I'm not saying that Spencer Peter has to make a Nate Stanley esque throw like he did. What was that again? Smith Merced again. But it doesn't.

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