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So by lone survivor i mean yeah i would watch that again to it i i think i think i cry when red in fucking what's his name hug on the beach in mexico boy shawshank that one made me cry and hank when al also when jonty castle pulls beatty out of the cologne a boy who've with a forehand you don't know one johnny castle nobody puts baby in the corner is that up with no though i know the more what's called the tell me within raises the hates the kids holy fuck your way off through johnny castle patrick green torino nobody puts baby and a quarter isn't that from that adding of emu counterspy racism movie star who would kunis were jordi castle where are you this is hilarious were so far away offtrack jordi castle was patrick swayze and dirty and nobody puts baby and the collapse with that lie that's the movie that eurozone a racist he his swept will daughter was very rare torino would choose the auto no no i thought it was from the boxing movie with that girl do all day we age nobody puts billion dollar baby in icu so that's it that's beat her names baby nobody puts baby in a corner right in dirty dance and not all away ottawa's from have you seen dirty dance and ask him o'neill dude you'll i've seen part on i heard of credit that like i've heard of ice tells me here.

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