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After picking up to charging fouls and going to the bench with three Keith Williams is getting a tutorial from two of the officials that called those charging fouls. They're standing off to the side. One of the officials kind of visit physically going through what happened in his opinion, leading to the foul on Keith. I don't think he is going to feel any better about it. At least he is getting a detailed Explanation for what the official saw. Don't need you come over here and tell me why you called the file on me. Don't call the file of the guy's feet were on the line. We couldn't see the replay. Then you call the block. Obviously his feet were outside of the line. Keith ran into him, and that's a charging five. So keeps gonna have more body control. But don't come over and try to explain something to me. I don't want to hear it. I'm not something I'm trying to get. This thing passed in my mind, and you're trying to come over here and tell me what's going on. You see Apple throw it in. Pete Williams has come out. David Julius has come out Zack Harvey in Basin Mats and in the catchall, try some full court pressure. Mobley is the trigger man for UCF inbounds for Perry Harvey on him all. 94 ft. And Perry will dribble the ball past the time line with three seconds to spare. We've got 15 50 left in regulation carry driving toward the rim. Cross court pass caught by Fuller up top for Mobley. He drives outside the arc preparing good dog fires A three point shot Missed it. Mobley gets an offensive rebound You see up resets. Here's Perry between the circles Cincinnati leading 41 36. Perry, guarded by Vote tough matchup passes into the corner wide open three. In and out. No good. Put back up by Walker. No good rebounded by Davenport. He runs Cincinnati three on three. Now the bear cats wait for their team mates to catch up, Harvey with a long three. It is short rebound Gets hip to Mattson kicks it out to Devonport for an open three. No good. With an offensive rebound outside the arc for Harvey in the Bear Cats Reset Mike Adams Woods for three. No good. Another offensive rebound for Chris Vote passes out to Mason Madsen Madsen 43 no good. Rebounded by Mehan four open threes, The bear Cats missed all of them. Now may hand driving to the rim running shot. No good. Rebounded by Davenport had his pocket picked by Mehan passes to Fuller into the corner. Mehan. His three point shot is no good followed tip in by various Perry. Lot of energy, a lot of action going on there. Now. Harvey in the front court for Cincinnati, wipes the ball in front of his defender drives to the low, block added post away by Fuller gets it to Davenport. The bear Cats will reset leading by three 41 38. Their cats have gone more than two minutes without scoring. Adam's Woods passing for boat to the Left wing and Harvey Harvey dribbles between the legs now accelerating against Mobley. Stops in the short corner passes to Adam's Woods. 43 Air ball as the 32nd buzzer sounded. UCF has the ball they gonna head into the corner. Perry 43. Missed it. Offensive rebound by Walker just outhustling Cincinnati. Davenport didn't box You see up down by three with the ball Theresa's going to check in for you see Perry out near center court crosses over against Harvey Ball's loose on the floor. Perry diving for it tipped it remotely had it knocked into the backcourt. Saved 2 may hand shoots from mid court miss the shot that will be a 32nd violation. That shot goes up in Jeremiah Davenport's watching the ball as it goes up in his man just came right around and grab the offensive rebound. Luckily, they scrambled and calls their second 32nd violation. Hey, Cincinnati, now four for 17 from outside the arc. After that flurry of missed threes, Bear cats, one of the worst three point shooting teams in the country coming into the game at 29% in there below that today, 23 a half what they have a three point lead. And for the first time today, Chris Boat's gonna play alongside Tories. Full court pressure by the Knights. Adam's Woods. Longley, feet Caught by East Gets it ahead, Mason Match and Wide open New York He knocks it down from the right corner. John Brandon calls a time out. I love these timely timeouts that he calls after a basket. First of all, you allow the emotion to set in, and then you want to keep that sentiment. Get him in something defensively. He calls more early time outs after made baskets than any coach that I can remember. You gotta stand on that. Dude. I don't have a status, not a camp. All set. I could try to look it up. They've got everything else. But you're right about that. I can't think of anybody who does that early in the game more often than John Doe. From a psychological perspective. It's easier to talk to somebody after they've done something positive is like Pablo's dogs. You can train a guy from Positive enforcement whether than negative enforcement where they do something bad and you take him out and you're ripping the entire time. John was always one of those guys where he's going to try to find the best in every situation. So when he sees something he likes you want to call a time out. So this defense, make sure they understand the system and also get Chris boat out of the game to protect him from foul trouble. Pete Williams is back in for Cincinnati. So is David Julius Davenport and Adam's Woods heading to the bench. 44 38, Cincinnati on top by 6 13 16 to go as fuller dribbles past the time line, Julius clapping as he defends staying about a stride away. Now he closes the gap a bit. Fuller passes on the wing. Perry has it top of the key for Walker Way outside the arc for Isaiah Adams, who checked in. He passes for Fuller into the corner. Perry three point shot too strong and Walker knocks it out of bounds. It's good contest right there since that has been scrambling Tardis and got a hand up and went out there that Baldwin out of bounds. Full court pressure by UCF, a Cincinnati inbound for David Julius passes into the middle of the floor, intercepted by Walker two on one break. Walker dunks it in tar is gonna come to the ball. Julius do a soft pass to the tar is gonna come to the ball. Rare mistake against the full court press by Cincinnati and the Bear Cat Lead is down to 4 44 to 40. Julius looking toward the bench. John Brandon giving hand signals as Julius dribbles right in front of him. Bounce pass outside the Arc. Williams driving into the lane, Bad pass under the basket. Cincinnati catches a break. Has instead of intercepting it. Perry fumbled it out of bounds decision making keep made the right Thought where he was going to penetrate and drop a guitar E. But instead of throwing it up at the rim, where he conducted, he's trying to throw between where all the hands on nine on the shot clock is the bear cats get to set to throw it in from the baseline. Harvey will be handed the basketball Zach hasn't looking for an open teammate still looking, bounces it into the corner and Mason Madsen steps out of bounds as he catches the past. Chalk that one up the Tari Tari was one back and forth like if he's gonna go out if he's gonna go to the rim, and by that time it was 3 3.5 on the clock. He had nowhere to throw the ball, throw it to the corner. Cincinnati by four..

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