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If everybody on this starting lineup gets 15 points and John quill Jones gets 25 because she's capable of being an MVP, best player on the floor type player. Who's, I mean, I think Connecticut can really surprise. I don't know if I've seen people give them the type of credit, I think they deserve it. No, I agree. What's going to be interesting to see here is to see if Connecticut and their well rounded scoring and they're kind of approaching things as a team is going to overthrow just the absolute insane scoring capabilities. It's a buzz saw. This is just put up a ton. The aces, whether it's Chelsea gray or Asia Wilson or Kelsey plum or Jackie young. Any one of those players can absolutely go nuclear and run you out of the building. And that's what Chelsea gray has been doing lately, but if Jesse gray doesn't do that one game, don't immediately assume that the rest of the team isn't capable of that because that's what we've seen. We've seen Kelsey plum and Jackie young do that at times throughout this season. I think I really do think that the old adage of offense wins games defense wins championships is gonna come into play. Both of these teams play really good defense. And it's gonna be a blast. They play really good defense and they can put up a lot of points. think that I gotta go. I think Las Vegas has the advantage here. I think home court advantage does play a pretty decent pretty decent role in these first couple games. Although there have been several wins away from home for different teams in these playoffs so far. So it's not like a, it's not an end all be all, but I gotta say that Las Vegas has to feel pretty good getting an extra game of rest. Starting a series with two quick home games that alone, you have to be feeling pretty good if you're a Las Vegas aces fan. I think they come away with the game one win and man, I think the ace is probably gonna take this series, but I am just excited. I think this is gonna be a lot closer series than some people are giving it credit for. So I think my official prediction will be that Las Vegas takes the series, I'm gonna say that they get it, but I'm like you, the longer I sit, if you ask me by tomorrow morning, I might go my go Connecticut because I've looked back at different plays and different highlights through those last two Connecticut games. And that's a team that is scary good. On both ends of the court. So yeah, well, I don't even know. I don't know what to say other than I feel like you and I both rambled a lot on our thoughts here. So I hope you enjoyed that. I'm going to go, I'm going to go four games. I'm going to say that this is going to be similar to that Seattle series where Las Vegas wins in four games, but it isn't because they're winning convincingly, if that makes sense. I think they're going to do just enough to win this in four games. And I think Connecticut still deserves the respect. So I apologize to Kurt Miller for not picking them. But I will say that there's a lot of people who are disregarding Connecticut right now that are absolutely just dumb for doing so. But yeah, so I'm going to say vague is in four as my official is my official prediction, what you got. I've officially overthought this now to the point where. Please. I got your back, Kurt. I'm taking your team. I'm taking the sun. I think it's 7 and 5. The questions that we need answered are can Chelsea gray continue the unbelievable streak that she's been on, which I said before game 5 I thought could continue and I still believe can continue. But it might not. Realistically, if it dips even a little bit, absolutely opens the door for the sun. And I think if someone takes dewanna bonner aside and says, look, we need that. We need you to be that for this team. Maybe not 5 nights in a row, but we need a couple games where dewana bunner gets more than 13 or 14 a game. We need to see that because she's capable of it. If those two things happen, if Chelsea gray cools even a little bit and comes back within orbit of earth and dewanna bonner can up her presence on the offensive end a little bit. I think Connecticut has the defense. I think they have the better bench. I think coaching is a wash. I think these are two of the best coaches in the game right now with teams that are absolutely bonded chemistry, not an issue. They gel they've been playing together for a long time. It's going to be a great series. I'm going to take the sun and I'm not trying to game a system here or reverse jinx anyone. I'm just honestly straight up. I've talked myself into this being their year. That's kind of exciting for me because I didn't think that was going to happen. And just so you guys know, this is not we have off mic decided as a show that we're not going to ever do. If all four of us hosts are on and three people pick one team, we promised ourselves as a group that we're not going to change our predictions based on what other people say. Just for the sake of pandering to one fan base or another. So you can take what I have to say, you can take what Logan has to say. You can take that to the bank of what we truly think about this series. And I'm excited to I'm excited for Sunday, dude. I'm excited to see how this game, this game one plays out. I think it's going to be a fantastic series. I think it's going to be a great matchup. I think that I can't wait to see what Connecticut in Las Vegas have in store for us. And I'm hoping and I've got my fingers crossed that this ends up being a similar series to what we saw both of these teams do in the semifinals because obviously they're capable of it. And I think the world deserves to see what the very top level of the WNBA is capable of. Logan, anything else that you've got before we go ahead and wrap this episode up. John quill Jones, game winning bucket. In game one, Sunday Night. Okay. That's my extra calling my shot prediction just. JJ, with the game winning bucket in game one, I like that. I like that. Thanks everybody for listening. Go ahead and make sure you hit subscribe wherever you are listening. If you're listening on Spotify or on Apple podcasts, we would love, love it if you would just tap that quick 5 star review. If you're looking to get a shout out on the show and you want to hear us read your review on Apple podcast, if you write up a review with 5 stars, we always read those out loud on mic. So if you're looking to maybe get a little bit of a shout out, that's the easiest way to do so that will guaranteed get on the show. And we would love to see some 5 star reviews coming through. Just your downloads,

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