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If you look at the two races we have Kelly Leffler, who is being challenged by the Reverend Raphael Warnock, and some disturbing videos and sermons have come to light from the Reverend, by the way, little fact here This war Noch. He is the senior pastor at The Ebony's or Baptist Church. And that is where, of course, Martin Luther King Jr Once, uh, once preached. And again. I've seen some disturbing videos on. Frankly there have been some. I think some racial Anti white sermons or preachings that have come out of, uh, this reverend, and it should be about all of it shouldn't be about skin color. It should be about humanity, Reverend. Please. So is that going to hurt him? Is that gonna help them? I just have concerned with these 788,000 the record setting number of requests for ballots prior to the election. And remember Leffler. Never. She was appointed. Member Governor Kemp, the Republican governor in Georgia, appointed this Kelly Leffler because of health issues with was it, uh Johnny Isakson? There were health issues there, and that's why Leffler Was appointed and he left was a year ago. I think he left last December as a matter of fact. And then, of course, the second race we have the incumbent, David Perdue. And they would produce is being challenged by Democrat John all self That race was that race was Tightest convey Uh, percentage wise. I was just extremely close. Uh, Andre for do was just shy 3/10 of a 0.3 point three Away from hitting that that 50% threshold which would have declared him the winner, But he fell just 3/10 below the 50%. And that's why we're looking at a runoff and that race was 49.74 per do and then us off. Was that 48%. So that's why that was sent to a runoff. And, of course, in the other race that was just in a pointy so Folks. An enormous amount of money is being $200 Million Plus is being spent in Georgia right now. Oh, and you know what's going on. There are apparently people moving to Georgia just vote. In this election..

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