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I actually didn't know at that time that he was looking for really for makeup to be really part of the story in a bold way. So I had come in with a presentation that little slide show I put together. And there were some colorful looks in there, but also some more kind of Gritty stuff. I had like Larry Clark images and nan golden images and stuff. And some films stills, Christina Ricci, from buffalo 66, and he, I learned he had this like greater vision, and he was like, oh yeah, I really like I want you to go off with the makeup. And he kind of had all these makeup terms. He knew, and I found out that he loves watching YouTube makeup videos. He's just fascinated by makeup as a form of self expression and just how intense people really get into makeup and breaking down the looks and not, you know, on YouTube and all the tutorials and whatnot. So yeah, it really was kind of I just walked into this dream scenario interview. And was like, yeah, this is awesome. I get to have fun and do fun makeup. That actually wants to be seen because a lot of the times I'm hired to come on and do makeup that will help tell the story, but it needs to not read as makeup and used to be like, you know, just ultra realistic. That's amazing. And the makeup is obviously such a start in itself on the show. I would love to hear more about your mood boards and where you get your inspiration. Did you want to talk more about that? What are the sources of inspiration when you're coming up with the looks? Yeah, well, the inspiration, first of all, it's kind of hard to pinpoint exactly where inspiration comes from. I have tried this before also in the past and tried to sort of figure out a way of explaining my creative process..

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