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Matter of time before this dog bite somebody else, and to be taught me responsible to have a dog that has done what it is. You know, why would you put the dog and the wolf a child and police are recommending two citations for the dog's owner who, again, was an acquaintance of the family and visiting at the time of the attack. An internal leak costing several White House. Pollsters, their jobs, CBS, Ameri green with more figures revealed that former vice president, Joe Biden leads the president in several critical, battleground states, fifty five. Thirty nine percent of Pennsylvania, fifty one to forty one in Wisconsin. And by seven points of Florida. The Trump team says the poll was conducted in March, though, Mr. Trump has repeatedly denied they existed at all to dozen Democrats. Currently running for president, but it could come down to a few supreme court decisions to help decide next year's election. This court enters the final stretch of its term with looming decisions that can shape political power for years to come at the top of the courts agenda, are too partisan gerrymandering cases, challenging knots and Maryland, North Carolina. The nine justices are also set to decide the Trump administration's decision to add a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census was constitutional at the same time the court will shape its docket for the following term, Monico, Sarabi, ABC news, Washington. Wisconsin, Republicans gearing up to push their version of the state budget through legislative floor votes. And then onto the governor the GOP controlled finance committee finished revising the spending plan Thursday. In now goes to the full assembly and Senate both houses must. Pass an identical version before the budget can go to governor Egar's the assembly plans to take up the budget, June twenty fifth. The Senate will follow later that week coming up when updates go wrong. WTMJ news time, eight oh. Four sponsored by Paolo windows and doors of Wisconsin. Take a look at perfectly beautiful Honey come here, someone's at the door. Yeah. But look, he's just standing there staring at our front door creepy. What should we do? Call the police. Oh, hey folks, I was walking by and just had to take a closer look at your entry door. Sure. Wish I could afford something this nice for my home. Thanks. It's from Pella, and it's affordable. He's finally leaving. So what was that all about? That was entry door envy. Gina della from Pella here with the cure for your entry Durante.

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