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He says they are believed to be from bellflower or paramount the opening ceremony ceremony of the winter olympics is only hours away reporter alex stone says security forces in south korea don't think the north will be a threat since they're taking part in the games bigger concern israeli norovirus people have been getting sick very quickly it's spreading around the olympic area when you walk into buildings that make you take us forward of hand sanitizer roads around the stadium have been closed head of the arrival of dignitaries from around the world including vice president pence the opening ceremony is expected to focus on peace and unity by remember correctly it starts at three in the morning our time so about two lengthy eight hours away traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center nazi griffith park star of the five northbound just before the one thirty four has punking middle lanes an overall delays loading up out of boyle heights coming off of the ten freeway now the drive carson this earlier wreck on the northbound side of the 405 carson street alas check it was blocking the carpool lane they should have that guy out of lanes now but what jefferson proud of conditions off of the 710 if you see this or maybe another problem you can always tell us about it on the ralph saving you time traffic line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three earlier car fire flames her out on the ninety one eastbound just past imperial highway traffic said that crowded still coming off of kremer gui sal kfi in the sky help sketchy their faster i mean till martinez you've heard me talk about attorney sri change berger for years now so many listeners have taken our advice and here's why he's the original trusted attorney for thousands of people here in southern california his reputation by treating clients like people not just another number using his knowledge fierceness and resources he takes on insurance companies and wins cases is one hundreds of millions of.

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