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And they think the scallops. And I asked them, how do you know it's Carlos? Oh, it's all over the place. Over the all over the place, Carlos is very rare to happen. It is all over the place. I mean, it's something else can be so rare as it can be other line conditions for medical. And if you go and get a wet pedicure and they start rubbing at it and inflaming it with a pumice stone, you're all right. Oh, like a urea cream or something? Yes, you should not apply your rear cream and any other without knowing that this Carlos on it. Because you really can make it worse. And how would you know if you didn't go? This is like, yeah, I don't know. I assume nail technicians knew this stuff, but clearly they're not trained like you are. I think, yeah, I think they should need a little bit more training on detecting conditions will be nice you know if they can get course or something with their mythologist and internship just to go over skin conditions on their feet. If you didn't want to work with that person. Yeah. And now I know what the medical pedicure. There's no nail polish involves because your goal is to get healthy feet, right? Yeah. And I'm thinking about a lot of people out there who can not believe they would ever have the kind of feat that they didn't have to put nail polish on. They have yellowing. They have white stripes. They have everything like that. Do you can you get anybody's feet to look good bear with no nail polish? A 100%. 100%. A 100%. This is the many people that take someone comes in with really gnarly looking toenails like, is this how long does that process take to get to? 9 months. It depends what is the yellow come from. They in yellow commuter nail polish can be from a condition can be from a medicine. We've got to find out why it's yellow wise, dark, or what is going on within it. But if it's a new phone call, an SCD, I would say up to one year. If you take their shows, they don't recognize the shower, and they clean the area of a year. They can get back to the next. Can I ask you about nail fungus real quick? I don't want to get too worried, sorry. But if you have a thickened yellow nail and you've been told you have nail fungus, I've often heard that that's like impossible to cure on your own. Like you might need to take medicines that can mess with your liver, all these different things. How do you deal with it at medi petty? First one, I cleaned the shoes. Then your phone goes live in the shoes more than they feed. You can clean their feet and treat their feet, but if you don't clean your shoes, you put them back where the phone has been living all this time. So so obvious, but I never thought of that. It's not a cure for phone calls without cleaning issues. You can cure your phones if you clean your shoes and you treat your nails. Only one doesn't work. So that's mainly the problem in America. The people say I can knock you on my phone because completely the oil will come back because you put back the shoes that you used to wear with your phone. Even if you had a sock on? Sex are not. Socks are not a condom. Is that what you just said? The phone goes back through also. Think.

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