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Sure to tune in this week for the latest updates with a._j. madison s the appliance experts the m._t._a. wants the ban repeat offenders from writing subways trains and trains w._c._b._s. reports birth story here are the transit recidivists the people who the n._y._p._d. says commit crime after crime in transit system if for no other reason than being trapped in a subway car makes a lot of easy targets a committee within the m._t._a. boards approving a resolution that would ban repeat offenders from using subways buses and trains board member sarah feinberg says the transit system needs to be treated differently because when you are stuck on a moving railcar with someone who is attacking you assaulting you've rubbing you there is nowhere to go another board member david jones says this might be doing more harm than good unless we make characterizes extraordinarily narrowly we're gonna end up sweeping in people and make it almost certain that they're going to have to return to the life of crime because i wouldn't have any trap and krantz petition option have to be inactive by lawmakers in albany they are scheduled to meet again until next year steve burns w._c._b._s. newsradio eighty w._c._b._s.'s Time eleven twenty two. make your own takeout from the kitchen table in new york city i'm rachel and this is on the radio visits for six toes we have half a pound of shrimp killed in debate of course to add engine ginger root for scallions coarsely chopped garlic a small handful of salon tro drizzle of toasted sesame oil and some soy sauce cornstarch a little white pepper just gonna guys together trust the toast with the shrimp shallow fry them for this recipe and more tips go to retail show dot com from the kitchen table in new york city i'm rachel ray.

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