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Levin before the top of the hour final segment. Already another one of those shows it feel it feels like I went by in about a nanosecond. Other zoom gone. Unbelievable. Todd Mitchell, speaking of Gone Gone today and tomorrow, back on Wednesday, and we have we have fun, but busy week for you this week. Let's see what all tons of text here and also Carol went to get a comment in about our earlier conversation with Ed O'Keefe on the Theodore Roosevelt presidential Library. Go ahead, Carol. What's your comment or question? Hi. I have been to all the presidential library except for FDR. And they are a damn tastic visit with your family, Children of all ages. Something of interest there and I am pushing Bernard would really get behind the Theodore Roosevelt won will be a fun one to go. Um, my favor. One was probably Nixon has one of the things on the plate was a miniature White house. And then he also had his standard of speech telling the nation waits there landed on the moon. Fuller. Grant that they were not able planned on the boat is something of great Britain both of them. How interesting isn't it isn't his actual childhood home. On the location there as well. Yes. And ice and ours childhood moment that his that Abilene campus? Yeah, that's no Lots of interesting things, but ours was a lot of world order. I haven't stopped the condom, a ll that I've been do, but I've not been to his money as you have all but one on DH. You know, until I've been to the 1st 1 ever, which I think was Ronald Reagan's and seeming Valley, California It might have been the first You know, I didn't. I guess, grasp this idea of what it's called. But presidential library doesn't really do it. Justice does it, girl. You know the life Very part of me is because they pulled a lot of the president's paper that they wrote or things that happened so you can go there and do a lot of reading. At Johnson, One of the floors was just by the papers that happened during his administration, and then they have a cute little part standing by a wooden sam's telling jokes. They had a little dummy or something made up to look like him doing out of the strong. Kennedy's one of the very interesting things there, Wass. No, it's one room that you heard that baby being that it was Walter Cronkite came on, and he announced that President Kennedy had been shot and then on another.

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