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I? Yeah, I mean, it's it's sort of funny. I think that you're saying, like, you know, starting out with this kind of thing. I don't need anything. We'll actually do not always think, but it would be nice of you were there I was just over here playing air guitar. Mike Bloom, who's just ripping it over there on the guitar. Just that's so fun to hear on the radio. Sorry, I just get excited. To hear my own stuff being played, You know? Well, then you'll be very excited when I ask you about your new show. Time Show you got called Moon Base. A thiss fall from Armisen John C. Reilly. This looks really funny. Can you describe it as an idea? Yeah, the premises. Pretty simple. It's Fred and John and I are these astronauts are aspiring astronauts are in this NASA program to train to live on the moon. On DH. It's pretty clear pretty quickly that we're probably not gonna make it. We're probably not going to be chosen were fairly inept. You know, it's it's got a little bit of. Ah, connection to the Three Stooges. Maybe. Ah, It's just it was really, you know, an excuse for for Fred and John and I who we are very close and love each other and love to make each other laugh. Eyes just like what could we do that would put the three of us alone in a room together, you know, literally dome in the middle of the desert, and then we could have fun. So it went from there and then, But we all love sci fi, and we love that. That kind of That that kind of style. So we brought in Jonathan Krisel, who did baskets in Portland. And he added, this whole other cinematic kind of beautiful sci fi vibe to it. That It's really different. We made it kind of on her own with a 24 without really a network involved, So we kind of just went off into the desert and made this thing and it's very It's very much. It's own thing. But it's you know, I think you're You'll be amused. It's very funny to me. The production process. Sounds fascinating. I can't wait to see it. My guest has been Tim Heidegger. His new album. Fear of Death is out today, Tim, Thanks for being with us. Thank you very much great to talk to you..

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