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Well, it appears that the Biden administration may be pulling back a little bit as part of Including the minimum wage increase to 15 Bucks an hour as part of the stimulus package to the tune of $1.9 Trillion. It appears that he may be willing to do some kind of negotiation after the stimulus package, But there's a lot of debate this morning. Some are calling for the minimum wage to be increased to 15 an hour phased in over the next five years. Some are saying it should be increased now. And it was a campaign promise by the Biden administration to boost minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour and he actually meant led people to believe it would be an instant pay race not phased in. So here we are today at 51283605 90, TJ Finn. And it says on my screen, TJ finished the director of the bass Drop County Business Owners Association. No, TJ weigh in on this minimum wage story. What do you think? Well, first off, most small business owners don't pay minimum wage. I think you're gonna find the majority of them. Don't such a struggle to find good employees. They're not going toe. The majority of are not going to be paying minimum wage. But I think we all agree that that you know the minimum wage doesn't need to be raised over time. You know, That's something we've struggled with for years and years, But in the middle of the pandemic, I mean, that just puts common sense right out the door because these businesses were struggling just to keep their doors open. At this point. Absolutely. You get a chance you represent business owners. Their ambassador, Rock County. I would think this could affect a lot of businesses in your area. I mean, if you had a chance to talk to some of those owners, what do they say? I have talked to quite a few in there. They're very concerned about, um, number one. Are they going to be able to keep their doors open? You know if this happens now, and it's time that they're already struggling in number two isn't gonna push the cost of goods up so much that it puts a lot of small businesses. Under it, And I think common sense tells us if you raise the wage, you know that no matter what the product is, you're gonna have to raise the price of that product to Tonto. You have to pay that way. It's gonna trickle down T. J When I drive through bash drop in other areas of Central Texas. I see Help wanted signs that say 12 13 14 15 Bucks an hour a dairy queen and McDonald's, and you know what variety of places where young people typically work. Do you see the same thing? Absolutely everyone invest. Rob is hiring on. But what I'm hearing from business owners is they're having such trouble. Funny employees, no matter what wage they're paying, because a lot of people is just not wanting to work right now. They would render, you know, stay home and draw their unemployment you know, and then their strip in from the government does some of them are making more money by staying at home than they would be in the workplace because they're saving on child care, and you know other expenses. It's been a few months that I've driven out that way towards bass. Drop eyes. It likely Leander Liberty Hill area Cedar Park, Leander, that Just booming, like crazy with activity and construction. You guys experiencing a lot of the same kind of growth. I bet. Absolutely. You know, I've only been in bass drop Almost three years. No right over three years, and it's incredible the growth just in that short period of time. No kidding, TJ. Thank you so much for weighing in on this T J. I appreciate you. TJ Fen, director of Bass Drop, Business Owners Association said comes down torto, not can they it, Z? What? What you have to do to retain good pull employees. Good employees is just a reality. Joe on the town of Don show this Morning. Hey, Joe. Hey, June Good morning color. You guys are great. Thank you. Um I'm a general manager for a seafood restaurant. Out in marble falls, all right, and the only People. It works for me. They're making minimum wage or under its servers. And they make to 13 an hour. Yeah, most observers $100. Oh, it's always break our Joe. Your phone's breaking up on us. Hang on a second. You see if we get a better signal out there. Can you hear me? Yeah, right. There we go. Yeah, your phone's breaking up Just a little bit, which go ahead. You were saying that your servers are making the 2 10 to 15 and our 13 and hour and they are Making $100 a day working a four hour ship right? So if they working doubles that he got a good chance of making a few 100 bucks, so if we raise the minimum wage My servers makes it 13 my bartenders make 8 52 9. And my cook's. I'll make 10 to 12 to 13 and then dispatchers. 10 bucks. Wow, that's pretty good. Raise the minimum wage. Would lose everything that we've gained back. Finally getting out of covet rubber gloves used to be $35 gates for 1000 gloves now. It's somewhere between 60 and $100 case, depending on what we get it. Which restaurant you work at their you manage. What is it? Which one? You are. There's only two or three restaurants said the owner. Manager Docked Seafood love that place. I love that place. Yeah, that's cool place. We got great food. We'll be having live crawfish coming up this next week or two. There you go. You got a good chicken fried steak to find Mr will be doing so anyway. Everybody doesn't understand. We can give more money to people. But all it does is increase inflation because those costs have to be added in somewhere, which means I have to raise my prices, which means They have to raise their prices. Whatever it is, you got a gallon of milk. Get $3 a gallon raise all the price is two years later. It's $8 for going well and Joe that there's another way. Me too, as well. Your vendors, they have to increase their minimum wage to which means they're going to charge more for the products you buy from them, which it's a you know, another trickle down effect to the customers, of course. Exactly And, you know, not to mention just for instance, I've been in this business 35 years and There is no No time in my career tonight, Remember ordering the same kind of things that I've been ordering forever and ever and ever and one week it's not there the next week. It's double the price and then they send you a substitution. Stuff, Search even Maurin price, So it's been. You know, this pandemic has been brutal on so many restaurants and fires. So please, everybody go out. And support these restaurants and bars and stuff that you can't because we were already safe before the cove its way.

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