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Hey what's up everybody i'm carl hart i'm jackie neal grandma and we are the host of a new show called culture kings on how stuff works we cover a whole range of topics on the show but one of the things that we talk about the most is sport because we love them jockeys wasn't sports it being you have the cubs are the best team of all time is ridiculous egger kevin durant is the greatest player of all time now since my favorite basketball players lebron james he's the king of the world and we'll get into that all culture kings download it wherever you get your podcast apple podcasts or anywhere just listen to it dammit and now the low post welcome to the low post podcasts live from snowy and frigid toronto canada where i just can't ever get good weather here even made during the conference semi finals last year it was like thirty one degrees and we are recording this podcast about five hours before tip off of a monstrously important celtics raptors game to commemorate that and talk eastern conference lebron have two wonderful people on espn our celtics guru chris forsberg how you doing what's up what's up zac just hanging in and from the toronto star making his second low post appearance of the season unfortunately for him bruce arthur doing every time you come here you kill the weather it's a blizzard in new york yesterday so it's worse i am not blaming i'm just saying if you put it in context of other cities that could may be trying to attract free agents as time goes forward just we had the all star weekend and it was like literally the coldest weekend in toronto for that time of year in like forty years and the next weekend was walking on t shirts are you.

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