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I'm saying that when you kind of 'cause then you've been around you can tell when it's time to go. Yeah and a lot of guys. Don't have that because they've only worked in one company for sure. Yeah you have similar upbringing. That i did where i worked for eight years around the world before i even got to be so then i kind of knew a little bit more about kind of how things really work within the wrestling degree. The system assistance. Especially when you're in a in a company. That is like more on talking about actually the time i was definitely more made up out of like other. Independent workers like assist them becomes the same. But it is exactly as you're saying towards the end of my stint in wb. I felt that it was time to go. And incidentally actually said that not too long ago because someone asked me about it. And it's like and i felt that it was just. They made a decision for mean. But i told my wife months in advance like look if this is not working out the way that the promising. It's gonna work out. I'm gonna move onto different things soon. Because i feel like i've hit a wall and they don't want to push me over the wall and i'm not gonna keep bumping heads of the wall because eventually like you know i i feel like i owe myself to do more in life than just. Yeah i don't wanna be just they wanna be. I wanna be a player everywhere i've ever been. I've been a player. And i want to continue being a player and you know the good thing about being here is there is such a amazing lock on with all these new young talent and you know some of them walk up to me and asked me some information and i'm glad that i can do that because i feel like i'm thirty six. You know hope. I'm was blessed issue. That i can say one point that i can say that can still go for another fifteen years which is to your credit. But we don't have that guarantee. It might be in the next five six years that my money's will give out my back. We'll give island. It's like done on dust. But i wanna make sure that what i leave behind is not only a body that people can look but also be around for this new generation of gettable eventually inherit the business and say well. I've picked up xyz from from from tom or malachi. And i helped make them better because that to me is also that's part of my legacy as a professional russell do is helping. The next generation of rustling become better. How did you end up exte- in the first place. I got a call from mr regal They had They had an interest in me because they saw me rustling progress and kane. Semen was also one of the people that contacted me relation mccain to a good relationship with the with mr regal and kind of like i got invited to come around and it wasn't like a tryout that were more like oh now you here we just wanna see how you work in a group and A hello to find those two days onto day camp dislike meeting people talking to people getting into ring and that was entering with With al killian dane or a big name from Ireland and we did a quick little five. Six minute match before hunter. And we've already kind of like you. Guys are good but he just wanted to see his work in a canada's like it moved on from from there in about five six months later. I backed up all my things and i moved from amsterdam to orlando florida There we go. Was it hard to be living in astronaut dam and working progress from working around the states. Would you have to kind of plan everything together. Or yes. But i loved it. Yeah i absolutely love being busy. I love going from man. Like friday night of thursday night flight the uk. We do two days of the uk. Then we fly to spain. We we do do hispan- monday morning. Fly back to amsterdam and on thursday. We fly to ireland. And then like we go. We go to germany and we go back to you. I love that stuff man. Like that's especially i. I feel like i'm one of the one of the few people in europe really got to experience that up and down traveling working for different companies and different like promotions in different countries. At like you know sometimes four or five countries in the span of a week. And i love him and then there's moments riad to go to to l. a. And the next thing. I had to be in scotland but i love it. That's i don't know there's something about that. Man that makes me love this and i think that you really need love that. If you're if you really really really wanna do this you're going to have to find a love and appreciation for the travel that you're gonna commit yourself to because it's going to wear you out but for me. I learned to love it. And i i don't know man. There was something magical about it and i'm really happy that i went to all of it and that was my point. I had the same experience to where you're not learning a ring lessons but life lessons learning how to get by on the road and i always say if you get over in. I don't know a fricken you know bingo hall in amsterdam. You'll know how to get over madison square garden. Everything you between getting over getting over when you learn how to do that different countries. It just makes you a better well rounded for former especially in those bingo halls that amsterdam's very for anything there. Yes so there's a company called perusing holland which started with my buddy on two thousand seven. That's still going It's one of the few actual processing institutes. There is dutch wrestling which is a good company proce showdown and it's it's funny because we have such a tiny tiny tiny country. There's like three at some point. There were four different like little promotion all using the same rustler's but just having a different ideas on how they wanted to run things wrestling in the netherlands. Very difficult. dutch people are extremely sober-minded. It's either soccer football Cycling kickboxing or Ice skating you know. That's that's the four things and even if you look at the the the olympics or like glory or k. One or that. That's that's where we sell. You know what. I mean so bringing in something that's so theatrical as professional wrestling is often met with. Oh that's that fake fighting on because that's people are just very unwilling to accept that there's more to the world and you know and a lot of countries in europe are like stay have a. I wouldn't say resentment towards but it's just like it's much understanding. Maybe maybe the. Maybe that's a better way warning because like if you go to germany. Germany has a rich culture and catch rustling. France has the same thing The united kingdom. How's it so it's it's well received in those countries but then there is a country as the melons writes a little bit more standoffish and stuff. But i will say that. My presence in as a high profile wrestler from europe in the united states has definitely helped the scene like elon. Look there's a bunch of really good rustlers out there. In the netherlands. That deserve a shot. Emilsson the token wa michael dante. There's a lot of really good guys out there that hath performed on the highest levels. It's just that they got different. Opportunities worked for different companies and they wanted to spend their time different. And that's okay. But they still did the whole travel up and down the road and And to this day. Try to make in the netherlands..

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