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Richard Dennis. Ns were very different people. Richard was a hard nosed businessman who people have described as cold and brash. The image of Richard being so controlling hot hot tempered unpredictable. That type of thing a bit of a bully the doing his own thing and not really caring what people fought a very active man Skiing emotion racing and he go on trips. He was a bit of a thrill seeker. Dennis meanwhile appears to have been more subdued a family man. He seemed to be the Dad You know who's divorced dad with three kids he he spent a Lotta time with. He had I think he had the kids in alternate weeks and he was living in Rossi and doing things at the club and going on family trips. He seemed to be close to his mother. The two did have one shared interest. One that's very on the nose. It was first episode of dynasties both Dennis and Richard loved genealogy in fact that's what Dennis says he was doing at his dad's office that day. Hey he had done some genealogical research about the Oland family that he thought his dad would find interesting. Here's Dennis again. During his interrogation Hugh for media. I guess the time that I've seen him. Is You know when we were doing this. Family history stop and why was over there yesterday. and which both have this idea from him. But I mean we both have this real enjoyment in doing genealogy stuff before meeting up with his father on the day that he was killed. Dennis appears with had a pretty normal day the day I was father's desperate spirit well the whole day in his office in Brunswick Tower which is just a blocker so away from his dad's office. Dennis told the police that he drove over to visit his father a little after five. PM Security footage shows him circling the block three times times before he parked but he didn't see his dad that time he claimed he parked in one spot. He went into the building he got to the top up of the stairs and then realize forgotten some documents back in his office. He walked back down got on his car and maybe set up to get them in any realize as well. I can't get into the building because my swipe card will not work on my own building after five o'clock or something like that go into my office by key it's too late to go back in so obviously because everything gets shut down at your office yet five yeah they leave at the time the elevator which you need one of those around around here the guard things yes so I went back and does it all. I have enough information on what he wanted. And when in Obviously you're getting ready to leave. Dana says he talked with his dad about genealogy for forty minutes and then left. Dennis says that after that he went to a wharf near home to see his children were there then. He went home after a pharmacy in a grocery store and finally called it a night on the way home I stop the the rent four warped see my kids with her Khazei do kayaking there and they swim after but they weren't there so I went home all these sick so we went to the drugstore. We went to cocker nurses a little grocery tormenting and Moses and bananas nephew other things at home and dinner. Security camera footage in eye-witnesses corroborated his his account for Dennis didn't tell the cops during the interrogation was that he'd gone back to his father's office for a third time before he went to the wharf ref he drove back briefly. Drove the wrong way down a one way street and parked and then he went back up to his father's office staying only for a few minutes he later claimed it was to pick up a book that he had left. According to the crown that was you know he he finally got up the courage to go back and his father one last time. So why did the cops think for Dennis Oland would want to kill his father. Well according to some Dick Oland Poland was a deck for one. He had been having a long standing affair with a local woman. Even though both of them were married going back over the last few a few years it was or anything in your mind that would stick out as being unusual or different than your father of bringing bringing up a while talking concern you. Maybe over he personally. No I mean there there is jury heard is already in the others. I mean there is this family concerned that he's he's at fair was having an affair. Or what have you I feel guilty right now. I'm not changing my mother but but I just didn't know who was true or not. The affair appeared to be a bit of an open secret secret and was causing tension in the family when asked who he thought had been involved in the killing Dennis points to his father's mistress. Only person that comes the line. Is this supposed girlfriend because she really seemed to be like the car. The Dragon Lady. She's she's this hostel Somebody who you think could be that fatal attraction type person yes But that's just I don't know so that's just me saying stuff that Here but then there's the question of money according to prosecutors. Dennis Oland had long been living beyond his means and his father had loaned him hundreds of thousands of dollars so that Dennis could keep his home after got divorced. The biggest thing my father did for me and it was a surprise a very pleasant surprise when I went through a divorce two three or four years ago now before years ago and it was a very bitter experience yes and inexperienced where I was very likely going to lose my home And this is the home. That is an old family home. grandparents in the family for for seventy years. Their employers is a farm behind it and he stepped up and said look that's not GonNa Happen And he basically bankrolled my whole divorce case which ended up being eighty five thousand dollars of the very lengthy divorce. Yes and then because I had to basically give half of my ass to my ex wife He angled that as well. Okay so that I can keep my house so basically I have a mortgage with Kim. Dennis was paying his father sixteen hundred dollars a month for the loan and it later emerged that he had bounced his last payment before his father's author's death so in other words if Richard Oland died Dennis wouldn't have to pay back the nearly half million dollars. He owed his father. The money was central to a police and prosecutors would present as the motive for the crime. The motive was a combination of his stress over his financial official situation. It wasn't as simple as havoc. He'll my father. I don't have to pay back the half a million dollars. He's advanced me. It was more like the stress. Dennis was living beyond beyond his means as as he freely admitted so he just had that cash flow problem so stress about financial situation combined with resentment over the mistress and against against the disrespect that meant towards his mother and the victim's wife and also made up. Maybe a lifelong you know set of antagonisms showed the father and son on dynamics when the cops began to turn the screws on Dennis during the interrogation. They focused on how severe Richard had been with his family. Did you just go earlier and could into an argument with him about money because in everything you told me. Dennis is about money and if I grew up in your circumstances with the money all around you at this stage of my life I would expect to be sharing in some of that. Not Battling with that son of a bitch every single day A. and having him control every aspect of my life because he wouldn't give up any of his goddamn money. You didn't plan this Dennis. He brought this Assan pushing Squeezed you rub your face in the fact that he controls it all disrespected. You disrespected your mother. Got this one this little sweetie taking away. I'm doing this I'm doing that. Where's my sixteen hundred bucks? Data's you only we sixteen hundred bucks. 'cause I bailed you out after. They told Dennis he was a suspect. The police got nothing more out of him but they kept trying to push his buttons. The the next little bit is both weird and kind of mean. So where do you go from here. Where do you go from here? Is there a plan for that. Besides wasn't Pro Thing Back Culture Bart Simpson was made in let me show you this video here Mr Simpson. You call them the dirty pig. I think that was pretty accurate term. 'cause if everybody everybody else in your family and they did and sad thing is you guys thought you were hiding.

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