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You don't always anything except attention that's it you know and you don't even me that I just hope you look at it right so all right. We'll move on. Let's go and get on here. I don't WanNa waste this time. He's down here in the lobbies here now so far back. Welcome to the show right right now. Thanks for having me Dude. It's Christmas I love that I love that thanks dude. Yeah we've We we started this initiative. Getting Ready for the holiday season Thanksgiving living in Christmas rolling up and everything else in between you know like I mean. How often is it that you know you hear the story? I went to Thanksgiving last year. It was a difficult year Thanksgiving right but you go home and people are like. Oh It's this thing you know last year they're saying ha ha. You Got Bitcoin but you know hopefully this year they've been paying attention to what more but even still yes. It has and we WANNA make sure that people are are armed with the educational weapons to explain the space properly. So that's that's the that's the whole purpose again. Maybe even bigger year ear absolutely I. I have no doubts but hey man we'll talk about that here in a minute. Let's talk about you for a second far. Introduce yourself and welcome to the show. Thanks for having me I'm navy. CEO and Co founder of coin. Mine and pretty excited to chat about coin. Line and KIP though Bitcoin and all the things all the crazy things that are coming afterwards right so I gotTa tell a quick story and I briefly alluded to this and I gotta get big shout out to my boy Parker Smith good friend of mine when we went to college together and took them years to actually take me seriously about crypto the Couple of months ago when he's finally like he's in right and you know he gives me this. He's sending this message. You do what you think Corey Mine. I'm like I'm not really you have to kind of give me up to date. And he's like dude. I just bought one and it's a minor just plug in and I'm like okay. Actually I have heard about this quickly. Research that Farben you know I was like Oh man I do know about this. And I've heard great things and I knew pop was involved in a few other And we'll get into that here in a minute and and then Parkers like dude. I bought one. I'm like we'll do let me send me some pictures man. He goes no no. I don't have it yet but guess what while I'm waiting because they're back ordered right now. I'm actually getting free. So she's reminding for me while it's on back order so it's like I have it here already. I'm like that is awesome and that right there I gotta tell you that was like what sold me on. I gotta go. I gotTa Talk to these folks and then I reached out to Jimmy who was so awesome. I'm and together man so first off. Congratulations on the product. Obviously the success. You're back ordered so it's clearly you know a a huge hit right now. So how's the Journeyman journeyman. It's been a pretty incredible journey. I mean we're coming up we're about I think a year and a half we've been running coin mine So it's felt like maybe five years Jammed into a year and a half. We went from concept to design in engineering were now fully manufactured and assembled in China so we have Chinese supply chain and owed em's and fulfillment centers and you know it went from literally hand making prototypes back in the early days With you know fifteen hundred dollar three three D. printed cases there's allowing minds. There's some coin minds behind me here. some of the some of the originals. And right there behind you you. Yeah so this is that it comes in. You know. That's the that's the genesis block on the on the box. And then here's the is is one of the original coin minds we ever made. Wow dude what an evolution bro. Thanks yeah it's been. It's been a crazy journey. Coleman item take a look at your video camera situated here sort of like you said we're we're we're back forward were now. We're we're really just trying to make crypto easy for people in one of the ways that we're doing that is by example so you'd take this the plug it. In the CRYPTO gives your electricity turns turns into computation and you provide that computation to a crypto network. And they pay. Hey you in that crypto. It's a pretty basic relationship. You know you give someone something you get something in return and then you know potentially you can hold onto that crypto. Some of them. May We have some value inside of network that you could send them some of them you could sell for Fiat currency try and play that game but our goal was to make it. You know a it wasn't it designed for people what they should do but make it easier for the ones who do want a power crypto directly to get started instead of having the you know spent become experts building computers if you if you aren't already absolutely and there are so many people who are interested in or at least would be interested the concept of mining just in general except it's very complicated and so you really just taken away literally all parts except by this plug it in here and then you you can earn this way now. Let's rewind a little bit like how does one even come up with that idea far like kind of like you know too simple to actually work kind of stuff. I mean I the way you said it is actually kind of was part of why I was in the very early days. I wasn't sure whether out of this work with some. I'll tell you the story. And you know some things kind of clicked that made me realize that that it could So I've been in Crypto for a few years. My co-founder is great. Designers Design Pebble. Watch to couple core and we were roommates in San Francisco and decided to get into sort of crypto mining together. We wanted to go in on one of those big eight. GP Rigs You can buy on vapor example but were back for two months and you know. I've been building computers since I was a little kid. I did my first. Startup was basically building computers and selling them in high school so I decided to build a computer. I figure pretty easy for me to whip this together in the end it took uh-huh five days of me tearing my hair out and this is coming from somebody who knows had do it there. You go nice and so after after many days of a breath of a struggle. We finally got this. Little ugly crypto minor up and running in a couple of days later Justin had the idea. What if what if there was a an apple apple experience around you know one of these devices and at first it didn't quite click for me of but I couldn't get it out of my head and finally clicked when I realized that you could essentially control the device with an APP and once I realized that you could control the device with an APP? Then it became this beautiful simple experience for me Because most crypto devices you have to plug in a monitor and a keyboard and a mouse and you know control it like a computer and that didn't feel like the apple version of crypto minor. The apple version of a crypto minor. Is this monolithic device. That just sits there looks. Nice is quiet generate a lot of heat. But you're not going to have a keyboard keyboard mouse and monitor so then I'm like okay. We can use. The APP is the interface and then it gets really interesting because now what were the front face for a lot of people's crypto experience and so we built some prototypes and got some folks who are great investors. Like Brian Bird. Who was our first check he? He ran tinder for many years at Pomp was one of our first JAG philology Lawson. CTO Coin Base. Mike Errington. We're just got lucky and got this incredible group of folks together started on our way and that was still really early. The these folks came in when it was still a concept except we didn't have a supply chain of we didn't have You know we've built in the past year and a half our own operating system called Mino s powers every coin. Mine so you know. We designed the hardware engineered its supply chain engineered an entire operating system to apps wallets withdrawal crazy in about a year and a half. So you know we we've just been heads down going going going hard. Yeah no there's no doubt and you'd said something actually disagree with you know and you said that we got lucky and you know. I had taught me early on the hard work. The luckier I get right. And that's that's the it kind of works and like I know I know that. That's not his quote. In fact I think he quotes Jack Nicklaus Golfer Golden Bear when he when he says it but I I have. No doubts doubts that you guys earned that respect in that opportunity to have not just the audience but have that belief in you through you know other experiences as as I know that you guys have been you probably working harder whole life is now with all that being said I will. Let's let's kind of break it down and ask them stupid questions. I you know like you kind of barely. You know briefed briefly. I guess barely probably isn't the word but briefly touched on how this actually makes people crypto and and if if we're if we're honest with the CRYPTO space we've we've all been subjected to whether it be the cloud minors or some ICO scam that's that has to do with mining. You know this. This is clearly different. I Love number-one that it's a physical piece of equipment like just as a human touch. It feel it makes all the difference. I also love that. It's familiar millier with the APP. It's familiar with you know being able to interact and you know when you said it makes a lot of sense when you said you know how you WanNa be the apple of of the script of space. I mean this is a really scalable. I mean my mind now racing just on the creative side but you know obviously it all starts with stage one like how does this thing actually work yeah so This as a GP you in it and a CPU obviously on on the motherboard. And you know the the basics of crypto are like I said pretty pretty straightforward. You provide the computation to a network. Say a theory. I'm for example you can find your quite minor theorem Grin Minero Z.. Cash bitcoin mode We hope to launch handshake. which will launch later this year antics is super interesting protocol? And what's cool is on these brand new protocols When their new you can sort of mind them the easiest Scher so? That's one of the things we wanted to give the the average person access to is mining brand new protocols that are exciting and promising not this every random one were pretty picky about the ones we choose and letting you essentially get an early where where your device that you know. You wouldn't want to put this device points at the bitcoin directly of because it wouldn't generate much bitcoin for you. We develop her. We call bitcoin mode or at Algorithm.

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