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You get off the Howard Franklin bridge and approach state road sixty five a carnal newsradio WFLA after a very fall like weekend sunshine and pretty average temperatures will continue into veterans day Monday morning will wake up to temperatures near sixty two degrees and Monday afternoon highs will be your eighty two degrees and again plenty of sunshine to go around our next cold front arrives on Tuesday night with just a very low chance for a few showers but that will cool down temperatures into the upper fifties by Wednesday morning and Wednesdays highs only in the mid seventies all the water today when the B. northeast about fifteen not sees two to three feet I'm newschannel eight neurologist Amanda Holly your listening to news radio WFLA canalis news radio WFLA ninety four point five FM the I. her radio app is it's just fun the way that the playlist the artists the songs are laid out you know right as you open up I like that a lot anything is free is fantastic especially when it's got good quality and is great it's a melting pot of good music not only on my phone on all three of my kids your own little blue box in your purse everyone should get this out surely the I heart radio app radio music podcasts all free free never sounded better download the I heart radio aptitude to press one online physician consultation only available that a physician determines regions appropriate subscription required too much like a full details and would seek information Hey guys good news the outrageously expensive a little blue pill is now generic which means you can get the prescription medication to treat E..

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