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A home loan to fit your budget and your family rocket can congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs, the number one seed in the A F. C after a 17 14 win over the Falcons today. As Atlanta now four and 11, bad teams lose bad games and young way cool, missing a potential game tying field goal attempt and a very make a below attempt. From 39 yards out in the final seconds and the Chiefs do hold on to improve Tau 14 and one on the season. The Jacksonville Jaguars right now hold the number one pick overall in the draft because they have now lost 14 straight getting crushed by the Bears and scored 28 points in the second half. Today, 41 17 was the final The Colts blowing a big lead again. The Steelers 21 points in the second half and are now in front 28 24 with two old five left and the Colts facing a third and five deep in their own end, a costly turnover for the Browns. Just a second ago, is the Jets looking for not only their second straight win, but had they not had that ridiculous. Offensive call late against the Oakland the Las Vegas Raiders. This would be their third straight win, but looking for back to back wins it up by four. We'll get more on that in the second. The Bangles on top of the Texans 34 31 right now, so the Bangles going for back to back wins as well on the Giants with the ball but trailing by two touchdowns against the Ravens. 27 to 14. Let's start with Mike Mancuso had met Life Stadium where the Jets are trying to hold on right now up for with over three minutes left. Okay, Richard as you mentioned a big turnover just a few moments ago on a third and six from the 15 yard line their own 15 yard line. Baker Mayfield has been on the pressure most of the day. Was sacked. Ah, Carol, bash him with the forced fumble. It was recovered by Nathan Shepherd. And that set the Jets up deep inside the Browns territory. They now a second in eight on the 15. Gets lead 20 to 16. They did lead 22 the three of one point Cleveland with a couple of touchdowns here in the second half, a missed extra point. Is the reason why the game is a four point spread. But this has been a terrific defensive game for the Jets. They have sacked Mayfield four times. Sam Donald has a couple of touchdown passes. And right now, this is a big defensive play for Cleveland, rigid third and four the Jets around the 11 yard line if Cleveland could hold the Jets to a field goal that's obviously still a seven point lead. And they would still have time They do have one time out left. So 303 remaining fourth quarter jets lead 20 to 16 all right, and let's head to Houston right now, where the Bangles are looking to make it a six point game. Here's Adam Spillane. Or average. Often, Cyber is on for a 36 yard field goal. There's 21 seconds left. The Texans have no time outs, but the Bangles were giving great field position. We saw our first quarterback back. And our first turnover of this game. A Z Shawn Watson was back and he fumbled the ball. The Bangles recovered it in cyber kick is up and good, so 37 31. The Texans will get the ball back with just 18 seconds to go, and they are out of time out. A on the back. It was Charlie. Heck, who got beat on the play and remember, Heck is in the game because Larrabee Tunsil had so leave back in the first half, and the Texans were already without There are other starting tackle tight. It's Howard, who was placed on injured reserve early this week. So 37 31 Bangles lead it looking to win back to back games. And the Texans would also I guess jump ahead of the Bangles. Four in the draft order for next April's draft, which benefits the Mayan Dolphins because the Dolphins owned the Texas first round pick that's right now shaping up to be a top five. Pick. So boil boy. That trade has turned out very nicely. So far for the Dolphins, it appears. Let's go to Jeff Hawthorne in Pittsburgh. The comeback of day belongs to the Steelers, but it is not yet complete. There is still one shot here for the Colts. Here's Jeff Forth, and five Philip Rivers was intercepted by Joe Hayden. But it appears it was pass interference on Hayden before the plague. There are no time outs left for the cold and the colt who have committed four pass interference penalties in the second half. Benefit from a Steelers pass interference penalty as they will get a fresh set of down 1st and 10 at their own 40 a minute 50 to play again. The Colts have no time out. The Steelers leading by four Steelers quite a comeback in the second half, three touchdown passes by Ben Rock. This Burger is thrown for 341 yards and those three scores. Right now. The Colts with the football, they are 60 yards away from taking the lead with 1 45 to play. It's 28 24 Steelers. Just not sure if you were able to see it, But I got the replay just a second ago. There's no question that was pass interference. At the very least, offensive holding. Yeah, I couldn't catch it at birth from the angle that I'm at here outside of I'm still But you know, you gotta be consistent, calling it both ways. And if it indeed was a penalty, and how many times is Philip Rivers face this situation? Hey, are we glad everybody's playing this year, and it should be an exciting ending here at Heinz Field? Absolutely. The only thing Well, that wouldn't be better was to have fans be a part of it, But that'll be next year..

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