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So that would be Gillette's demo if I had to guess, I would guess that people kind of in that working Joe demo are like fifty five forty five Republican e. Yeah, if I if I just had to guess, but I just I don't know. I think the whole thing was was quite odd. And I don't understand making razor a symbol. You wanna talk about one of the thing. That's quite odd. This Ben Shapiro and baby hit. She's I never thought there would be a day. And actually that that one negative reviewer about Ben Shapiro. I hope you're still listening because I'm about to do something. You didn't think it was going to happen? I'm about to defend Ben Shapiro, Sean. I think they're fucking Ben Shapiro. On this baby. Hitler thing finally argument. Number ten. This one has become popular in recent years after the book freakonomics came out that argument is that abortion lowers the crime rate. Right. That all the what has lowered the crime rate, traditionally has been killing all the would be criminals first of all that. I know he's comfortable with the pre crime version of humanity where we get to decide before you're born whether you're likely to be a criminal, and then abort you based on future criminal activity in which you have not participated. The argument. I guess here is that would you kill baby. Hitler and the truth is that no prolife person on earth would kill baby Hiller, right? Because maybe Hitler wasn't Hitler. Hitler was Hitler. Maybe Hitler is baby. Would you presumably wanna do baby? Hitler was take baby Hitler out of baby Hitler's house and move Hitler into a better house where he would not grow up to be Hitler. That's the idea. So I'll cop to knowing what he said, but not knowing what the quality or quantity of the reaction has been. So Ben Shapiro has started to lose advertisers all over the place. Fico key. Release losing advertise using advertisers of this these are advertising, this why think he's getting fucked. These are advertisers like quip toothbrush. Gome by yourself. Acquit kids who say that they're fine with advertising on Ben Shapiro's show, the daily wire, which is a conservative podcast, which is a conservative product. He has stated his. Physicians shapiro. Yes. He shape shifted a little bit on Trump. And he likes Trump some years in doesn't like Trump other years and legs. And when it's convenient and doesn't like when I get all that he shapes just a lot on certain things, but he's always been a cultural conservative. He's an orthodox Jew. I mean, if you have access I writings on the internet. He's that's where he gets his his his teeth cut. He's he's a anti-sex social conservative. I don't think most people actually realize about this is what you're buying when you're buying bench appear. Oh, so I I get some degree of buyer's remorse here, but I have a really hard time going. Oh, wow. You didn't realize that Ben Shapiro's a bit of an online shock jock who has built his brand doing cultural conservative shock jockeying. I can't believe that. I actually can't get my brain around that. So when Shapiro mixes coming about baby Hitler. Another important context has been left other coverage of this. I read this at least as sort of a sub tweet of Jeb Bush's comments about baby Hitler during the twenty sixteen primaries. Remember, actually don't know. What are we doing here? I heard your your emails. So, you know, address credit today is that right? I don't know if his read it or not but good God. What's the what's the funniest or most are smell that you've gone soil? Just. I gotta figure out which ones are not X rated. That's that's the problem. Baby, Hiller, baby. Hitler. What if you could go back in time and kill baby Hiller, would you? I need to know and cruise pill yo would. You know, look you got to you got. Step up minutes that would be key problem with going back in history and doing that is as we know from the series Mussa name of the Michael FOX. Future future has could have dangerous affect on on everything else so concerns, but I do it got pillar down. I mean, I think is the right answer. Like, this is also just an absurd hypothetical and to stop building so much of our politics around these like ticking time bomb towards her. Would you kill baby Hitler? How many angels dance on the head of a pin kind of late?.

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