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That's right. I hate bringing you. Camp takes all the biggest story lines from. Nfl training camps starting with the nfc north. Aaron rodgers even be in that division tune in monday. It all begins ten eastern breaking news from adam. Schefter tweeting this off season. The packers offered aaron rodgers a two year contract extension. That would have tied him. Degreen bay for five more seasons in paid him and he become the highest paid quarterback and player in the national football league. Rogers declined the offer. Proof. it's not about the money steven. Does this mean rodgers leaves the packers. It means he's dogged about not being there Obviously if he changes his mind. We'll all be wrong. But that's what i'm inclined to believe. And as i reiterated at the top of the show. It's never been about the money you know in terms of him because he was getting paid and he was going to get paid no matter where he ended up because he's a superstar league in at the moment the reigning league. Mvp this is about the way his bosses is treated them has just treated him. And that's what this comes down to at i for one am not going to allow any. Nfl analyst to come on here again talking about football when it comes to mirages in the green bay packers. You're not getting away with this anymore. We're not going to pretend that it's about football. It's not about football. It's about the way he was treated. You know when you're on television as you both know because you're right the in studio you have camera folks produces it a behind the scenes stuff like that. Well i'm here milwaukee. Here right here in wisconsin. And i've asked people sitting around here with me. And i you know you just ask questions because it's it's really rhetorical. It's common sense if you have enough money and on top that all you know more money is coming down the pike no matter where you go and you have a boss to this treated you like trash in your mind. They have minimized. You disrespected you. They have marginalized. You have dismissed you to your face and behind your back. What are you going to do at some point in time. You're gonna say enough enough. And i know that we got jeff saturday about to come on here and respectfully because i love me some jeff saturday even though he tries to make my eight list of beat this when he knows damn well as an a list. But that's my mayor right. Let's keep in mind. we're not just talking about. We're not talking about a champion. We're not just talking about a brilliant. Nfl mind we're talking about in jeff saturday. One of the more highly respected individuals. We've seen in terms of nfl players. Just go back to the days when they were negotiating. Cb cb agreements with him and mr craft and others. We all noted the that jeff saturday commands so. I ask a simple question to you jeff. Respectfully as a as a guy that's an alum of the nfl that played in the league for years if owner a boss in the national football league dismissed you marginalized you treated you disrespect. Acted like he was just some other dude. And you knew that you were star or what have you and this is how they treated you for us. What is there to talk about it. Regards to football when it comes to that particular boss. Isn't it true that we get to a point where we're like wait a minute. We're men and there's so much more of this. i'm going to take. Yeah listen. I think you make a great point and i think what what shifty reported this morning about the extension. Why would he want to extend their that. Didn't make sense right. That's not even playing tours. The conversation he's had the one thing he's been clear clean direct about is. I don't wanna play for green bay. I mean he. He made that very clear now. The situation is how do you exit green bay and and compromise because you are in a three you still have three years on your deal to compromise to be able to get out of this situation that you no longer want to be in and listen. I understand what you're saying about this has. This has been a personal attack for ear rogers. And he's fed up and all that is true but ultimately they had here rights for the next three years. He wants to play football. He's a competitive son of a gun look odd suited up with them. Been in the huddle that god wants to play ball. He wants to win another championship so it requires him having to play in green bay for one more year to the other two years off. That's what it's gonna be or he's going to have to just completely sit and listen. I think my opinion. He's sitting for regular season games early because he does have. And this is the attachment issue. We talk about steven. He has attachments to his players. He has attachments to coaching. Like those are true relationships that he cares about and he knows for the betterment of all those guys he playing matters right he has to play for them to get to where every one of those guys know they can get to. And that's the super bowl played the nfc championship the last two years. The rub here and to your point is you're going to have to play for people you do not like and that's just part of you know and again it wouldn't you're in a contract that what you are in the nfl. He has three years remaining. He's going to have to compromise to get what he which is ultimately out of green bay. But this is a relational issue to your point. And i fully agree much. Bigger than football. This is relational from mark. Mark murphy and the general major the front office as a whole where. They have failed aaron rodgers. Well just like there's a stephen b list is that jeff friday. Take wait a minute jeff. Saturday hold on a second. Aaron rodgers have to compromise mega man to do something after soft back. I'm actually take that. What just earth call him. Jeff that's a great one banks. That is the best days jenny. Jeff the point is like i get a cap implications and all that but if we wanna i don't think let let me ask you let me pose a question. Is it pasta in the nfl in a full contact sport. Like football guys down in the trenches. Is it to win a super bowl with a quarterback who does not want to be there. Yes you can win a quarterback back. We doesn't want to be there absolutely. I'm shocked senate. Like elizabeth thursday. His town listen his his ability to play the game when he walks out there. He ain't thinking about the front office. He's thinking about the business at hand. And that is success for he and the guys around him and you could definitely compartmentalize those things players. Do all the time you come to the end of your contract. You have a rub with general manager. You know you're not gonna get re signed. This happens every day in the nfl. This is not something new. It's rare to see it on this scale with aaron rodgers but there are greater implications when you think about him not playing it all going back and getting your signing bonus all the things all the distractions that become for him does he not want to play again. That's going to be the biggest question. Because in my opinion.

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