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At barracks motors dot com. 6 18 traffic and weather on the eights. What's happening? Bob Miller? Well, Prince William County We have a crash now at the intersection of many Ville Road. A telegraph road. It is quite slow, especially on telegraph getting up to the intersection with many Ville Road as a result, but also it is affecting many ville itself. Both ways on 95 South bound from Millington still caught up in some delays Past Lorton and over the AKA Kwan passed 1, 23 and 66 westbound. There was a crash in Centerville after Route 29 Centerville and getting by in two lanes to the left. Just after the on ramp for 29 to go west on 66 just after exit, 52 In Maryland on the interlude Beltway heavy and slow as you move through Bethesda and silver spring, No one said. It's in the roadway, however. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway doing all right, as well as 2 70, which is easing up heaviest approaching of Bodkins mill, and then beyond that, the pace is good. It slow down here and they're getting into Frederick County. And on 50 out of the Bay Bridge. Things are pretty much cleared out their American military universities. Freedom Grant is now available for members of the U. S. Armed forces Pursuing undergraduate or masters degrees. Find out more at AM you freedom, grant dot com Traffic. Let's get back to Mike Stanford at Storm team for Mike, We've got this nice long string of fabulous fall days going. How long is this gonna last? A couple more days, but a front's coming in, and there are changes on the way and by Sunday highs.

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