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Of JFK and all of that. Maja Seymour Hersh's book Cash. What was the name of that head Camelot in the title, But boy that that was a book that just kind of ripped the Ripped the facade of what Camelot was all about during those Kennedy years of 1000 days, and before and even after just ripped the facade of that off. Was it called the end of Camelot? I think Seymour Hersh. So that's that's an excellent book, too. If you're interested Sinatra, there's a lot of Sinatra their book about Kennedy, obviously, but still pretty interesting. All right, so Joey Bishop Joey Bishop, He was a member of one of the most iconic show business acts of all time. You know the Rat Pack Vegas Sands Hotel. He played the top night clubs of the day. East Coast West Coast, Chicago, Joey Bishop had his own network television sitcom he hosted the Tonight Show more than 200. Times Guest hosted More than 200 times. He was a star of his own late night talk show that ran for several years, apparently pretty good in that role. He also hosted the Emmys multiple times appear to more than a dozen feature films as a star. Countless TV shows as a guest star. And apparently according to our next guest, apparently one of the most hated men in show business. Let's welcome the author of This brand new book, which I recommend Richard Alerts minutes here. The book is Deconstructing the Rat Pack. Joey, the Mob and the Summit, Richard. Welcome to Double The L, Sir. How are you? Well, I appreciate how are you? I'm doing very well. Thank you Aside, mentioned my listers. And they know this from listening to me. I'm a big Frank Sinatra fan. I like Dean. I think Sandy was immensely talented, but I never understood Joey Bishop's participation. And I wonder what they all happen to Joey Bishop. He just dropped off the scene now with this book. You can tell us. Why apparently, number one. The Ram pack wasn't four guys. I'd love to get together and party with each other. It was some sort of market employed by the Sands Hotel. Correct. Yes, it's what the two things there are five members, and the reason they got together was if the Franks natural 9% of the Sands Hotel and the Al Freedman, who was the PR guy? And the guys behind it. Who really mobsters. Guys like motel, It's and Carol Cohn and Maxie Diamonds. They all wanted to make put Vegas of the master of natural way. No. Vegas was a visitation place from Los Angeles, and they wanted to put it in New York and Chicago and Miami. They wanted to draw people from there. So what they did was they came up with a plan. Both Franks in Apsara and Frank was working with deed Mark in the movie called some Some Broad. Ain't Sammy Davis was just getting back to health. He had lost his eye and say that just that crank it helps them nursing back to health. Joey was the opening act for Frank Sinatra. And the reason the reason he was the opening act and I've heard this musicians I knew a couple guys who play the Sinatra on and off for years is that he wouldn't upstage Frank. He was a perfect opening act like a glass of milk. Eggs. That's exactly if you know he he didn't want to Don Rickles or a second green or Buddy Hackett the suck the air out, so he just warmed it up perfectly. Frank walked out. The crowd is ready for him and Joey did the best great job. From fruits of habitability mansion. Both of frown Prince is real cynical, Real sarcastic. The frown Prince. How many years did you know Joey Bishop? No, probably close to 20 years. Did you like him personally? Because it's not a flattering book. It's Ah, you know, it's a kind of a scathing book on Joey Bishop. Was he a buddy of yours? He well, he was a Philly street guys. He came from South Philly Tough Street guy worked in Chicago. A lot of the shape of reading a lot of clubs. But Joey was he had a warm up to him. He he had a feeling that he was the the spoke the blue for the ransacked and unfortunately Joey did realize that he was with Frank Sinatra. Indeed, Mark insanely. It was junior and all the films Joey looked up, You know, you like to be a part of it. And the great thing for Joey Woz. It rubbed off. Joey got his own situation. Comedy was all talk show He was big for 10 years because He was part of this wreck back. And why did he get? Why did Frank sour on him? Because obviously, when Frank was done with Joey Bishop, that was it kaput. You know, you never bite the hand that feeds you and Frank. You know what, Frank? That no matter on one time, tell me if you have a friend Frank as a friend. You don't need another friend and Joey was asked by Frank to fill in forever at the Cal Leave a lodge that Franco part of Frank. It started just kids after the in a lot of personal problems, and he asked, going to fill in for for a gig at the county of majority of mall. These demands I want 50,000 for played really 50,000 for the appearance. I want a private plane and I want this and freaks that's so angry cause here's all he did for Joey and put over the place to make him a superstar. And Joey did that woman and the trace really resented it. Not showing off. And Joe you're supposed to play Guy gives Border Robert the seven hoods. Yeah. Peter Falk at that party was possible it out. Did you wrote a book about Peter Falk? Don't you? I did. I wrote Peter Falk slates. That guy. Thank you. For Peter Falk was such a great actor. Frank loved them. And Frank Frank from Peter told me a story that Frank he went to Frank once and he said, I have He's just I look, I can't do it. Rob is the seventh foods like hired to say it all that breaks and let me see. Let me see your script. You looked at the script. He ripped out the three pages ago night after saying Oh, you mentioned the mob in the title. Deconstructing the Rat Pack. Joey Bishop, The mob and the summit. This is Richard Landsman. How does the mob play? I know about Giancana, Sinatra, the Villa Denise. Most people Chicago understand the connection, but it was the mob essentially who bestowed Frank Sinatra 7% of the Sands. Well, he got 9% and mobile Gymkhana was part of it. But it was from the East Coast with Meyer Lansky and had lucky Luciano and then on the West Coast, there was Mickey Cone. They all had cost money. If Theo Vegas and they'll have their piece of different hotels, so they wanted they want. They decided they needed entertainers We could bring in the road gamblers..

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